Build Passive Income Niche Sites In 9 Minutes That Make $90/Month : What You NEED To Know about VSource

One way to make money is to find voids in Google, build sites that sit up there and make money from all the targeted, passive traffic. It works. So why isn’t everyone doing this? All these steps take INCREDIBLY long to do, and people simply don’t have the time to slave away to spend weeks on one niche site to net only $90 per month from it.

So…what if you can go through that ENTIRE process and make a $90/month niche site in just 9 minutes? This is now possible with a new software called VSource, being released on August 31st at 10AM. Here’s a video where I go through what you NEED to know about VSource, including a sneak peek.



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Here’s a quick overview of VSource and the optional upgrades (OTO’s) and if I think they are worth your time.

VSource (Software)

The VSource package includes the Vsource Theme, VSource NicheMatic (Plugin) and VSource Research (Cloud Based). It’s everything you need for the software to find you profitable keywords/domains, then build the site for you within 9 or so minutes. Mark used to do this manually and made hundreds of thousands with niche sites, now his entire process is automated by this software.

OTO 1:

You get special niche training, additional software features, and unlimited use of plugin (install on unlimited sites) You also get developer’s rights – Install on customers sites for them / utilize software for them and earn doing that too.

OTO 2:

You have the option of the reseller 1000 pack or reseller 30 pack , additional WP Affiliate Plugin – Pull Amazon products as blog posts with embedded link. This means you will be able to resell this software or all the profits without spending thousands of dollars and wasting months of time testing. You can also embed amazon affiliate links right into your sites.


You’ll get unique bonuses only available through me as well as the additional bonuses other affiliates will be offering you. I try to give you the best gap filling/problem solving bonus.

Unique Bonuses From Me: One problem I see with this course is the main source of traffic is Google. While this is sufficient, it’s even better if you have another traffic source, so I’m including a unique bonus teaching a free Pinterest traffic method to the first 75 buyers of the V Source system.

Additional Bonuses (Same As Other Affiliates)

You can see all the additional bonuses you’re getting here 

>> Snag V Source And My Problem Solving Bonus Pack Here <<


Let me know if you have any questions, and I will be happy to help!

>> Snag V Source And My Problem Solving Bonus Pack Here <<



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