First Of It’s Kind 3D Intro/Logo Creator Gives You The Leg Up Over The Competition You Needed: 3D Vinci What You NEED To Know

It only takes one bad first impression to lose a customer once they discover you or whatever you’re selling. It’s the same reason you would rather walk into a McDonald’s over a creepy looking restaurant on the side of the road. It helps build trust and credibility.

Everyone’s got logos…you can get them cheap. However, 3D logos, 3D video intros and 3D short videos are hard to come by…and super expensive. Having the ability to create them for free with a few clicks of a button was never possible until now (you had to hire expensive designers, and most people who don’t have this solution still will).

Here’s what you NEED to know about Vinci 3D and something about it you might find shocking:

Snag Vinci 3D And My Exclusive Bonus Pack Here


Snag Vinci 3D And My Exclusive Bonus Pack Here

Here’s a quick breakdown of Vinci 3D and what the optional upgrades are (plus this time I’m going to grade them. Anything above a 7/10 grade I recommend you pick up).

Vinci 3D: First Of It’s Kind No Coding 3D Video/3D Logo Creator

This is a truly revolutionary software, but more important is HOW it’s going to help you see success. For one, you’ll have the ability to add professional grade 3D video intros to any of your pages, web sites or Youtube channel… as well as professional 3D logos. Large companies have to pay top dollar for this, but you’ll have a first of it’s kind tool in your arsenal to do it yourself. You may be thinking, “but I don’t know how to get results with it.” That is the wrong mind set since everything is complete explained within the software on how to use it. It can be used in any way you want to to get results. GRADE: 8.5/10

OTO 1: Template Club

Monthly new templates to keep your video intros and logo up to date. I think this is worth it if you REALLY plan to make the most of this software. Imagine you keep getting new intros or logos leaving people saying “wow, these guys know what they are doing!” GRADE 7.5/10

OTO 2: Upnext Engage

Upnext Engage is a special software that lets you add “up next” teasers so that you can get even more content seen by customers which could translate into even more money. The big problem without this software is you’ll need to hire expensive video editors to do this, but with the software, you’ll have a massive leg up being able to do it quickly and easily. GRADE 7/10

OTO 3: Upnext Engage Pro

This is simply a pro version of OTO 2 with more features. GRADE 5/10

Snag Vinci 3D And My Exclusive Bonus Pack Here

Bonuses: (Limited to FIRST 70 ONLY)

There’s a bunch of different ways in which you can use Vinci 3D to dominate the competition, and improve your sales+customer retention dramatically. So, I’m going to give you an amazing bonus package- 5 of my BEST award winning products in one- Stefan’s BIG FIVE Bonus Package (Limit 70)

This includes:

My Tube Traffic Avalanche Course

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My Affiliate Traffic Masterclass Course

My Spark CPA Social Edition Course

My CPA Ads Academy Course

And Also All Of These Bonuses


Have any questions? Let me know, I’m happy to help. Comment below or email me.

Snag Vinci 3D And My Exclusive Bonus Pack Here





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