Get My Latest 19K/Month CPA Course For FREE? Find Out How…

There are so many bullshit CPA courses out there, but you know that. A lot of re-hashed, outdated content and not taught in a way that can actually get people results. The worst part, the people putting out these courses aren’t even doing CPA!

We decided to flip that problem on it’s head by getting Eric, a REAL CPA earner, to reveal is exact 19K/month strategy. It involves using FB ads in a unique way you haven’t seen before- the way that actually brings RESULTS. I’m revealing in my video how you can get a free copy of Spark CPA Social Edition:

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Spark CPA Social Edition goes live Saturday, April 16th at 10Am Eastern Time. Contest winners will be announced right here on this page before the course goes live to the public. Be sure to check back if you won, and if not, no worries. Spark CPA Social Edition will be available discounted for a limited time.

Contest Winners:

Wanda Keough
Eunice Park
Norm Sash

Please email me at to claim your free copy.

If you didn’t win, no worries. Spark CPA Social Edition is available on special discount right now and includes some awesome bonuses.

> Snap Spark CPA Social Edition With Our Limited Time Bonuses Here <<


When you snag Spark CPA Social now, you’ll get the following bonuses free of charge:

Bonus #1: Spark Apex Mastermind

Spark Apex is a mastermind run by all 3 of us (Stefan Ciancio, Eric James, and Timothy Miranda). It is going to take the internet marketing world by storm starting now. Our goal is to provide the community with massive value while helping all marketers succeed.

We will be providing golden content, resources, and form a hyper active community of marketers working towards the same goals.

Bonus #2: CPA Marketing Revealed

Learn everything you need to know about CPA marketing. By understanding the key topics, you will know exactly how to proceed with setting up profitable campaigns on any traffic source.

Bonus #3: CPA Overdrive

This is an excellent guide that shows you exactly how to get accepted into a CPA network, which CPA networks to join, and all the tools and resources you will need to be successful.


If you have any questions or comments, email me 🙂

> Snap Spark CPA Social Edition With Our Limited Time Bonuses Here <<




  • Rod

    Reply Reply April 15, 2016

    I am looking forward to this course I have purchased many re hashed products that have only cost me a bunch of money. I am looking forward to fi ding a course that can change my life. Thanks for the opportunity


  • Wei Teck

    Reply Reply April 15, 2016

    Can’t wait for it to launch. Saw your first pre launch video and loved the idea of capturing the leads’ email and marketing them from there. Also like how you only need $5 to start a campaign and be able to scale from there. Been looking for a course like this.

    Wei Teck


  • Hans Brakke

    Reply Reply April 15, 2016

    Not happy with the previous CPA training products I have gone through. So I’m looking forward to this one, since it’s going to be real-world actionable steps.


  • Chris Mercer

    Reply Reply April 15, 2016

    I have not tried CPA yet due to the lack of funds, but since you said you can make real quick return and only invest $5. I’m willing to risk that small amount with the right training.


  • Don Priest

    Reply Reply April 15, 2016

    Hello Stefan – thanks for this review post. I agree with everything you said about these terrible CPA courses. As a matter of fact, I just requested a refund on one that used outdated MMR videos PPV marketing. I have heard about Eric James so this is a course I’m looking forward to purchasing.


  • Nicholas Duron

    Reply Reply April 15, 2016

    Im All In, just cuz your name is on it!


  • Ralph Morton

    Reply Reply April 15, 2016

    Like most everyone who trys out the marketing online, we all make a dash for CPAs. Seems so easy, did you immagine it was?

    Well after much hard work, I eventually changed what I was doing. By the way I made .50cents. Not much I think you will agree.

    If you guys have got it beat, I am anxious to begin a new adventure, for we all agree, we have to call it an adventure or we would go nuts spending the few dollars we gave.

    You sound very confident with the program you are offering. Therefore lets be adventuress.

    Best wishes



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