How to Flip 5 Bucks into 20+ Bucks On Repeat: What You NEED To Know About Flipp.Me

The internet is full of claims of being able to put in 5 bucks into some sort of “system” and spit out more money on the other end. If they are GUARANTEEING you a ridiculous return in a short time, you’re usually dealing with a scam of some sort.

Then, there are legitimate business strategies that talk about flipping. Basically, buying something for one price like 5 dollars. Then, turning around and flipping that 5 dollar purchase for 20+ dollars. These methods do exist- offline people flip cars, houses, etc. The internet has made it possible to buy things in your spare time for 5 dollars and find buyers online for 20+ dollars. The beauty? Many times you don’t pay the 5 dollars until someone gives you your 20 dollar asking price.

The Flipp.Me system is claiming to be just like this. I go into detail on what you NEED to know about this in my video. Flipp.Me hits the marketplace on Friday, June 10th at 9AM Eastern.


>> Snag Flipp Me Here With One Of My Bonus Packages Before They Are Gone <<

>> Snag Flipp Me Here With One Of My Bonus Packages Before They Are Gone <<

Here’s a quick explanation of the main system and OTO’s (one time offer upgrade options) available to you at time of purchase. Note. You do NOT need the OTO’s to make the main system work. They simply provide additional upgrade options to make the main system better. This is called basic business- done since the dawn of time.

The Flipp.Me System

The Flipp.Me system will show you how to sell products on different sites that you spend 5 bucks to get. You can get sales for the same items at $20+ and make amazing ROI. It’s very unique and well worth the investment of just 7 bucks.

OTO 1: Income Booster Pack

This package includes a variety of upgrades to help you get better results. This is by training you how to place the flipping product on 4 platforms instead of one…which means 4 times the exposure. I would recommend getting the downsell to this as it’s still showing you what you need to know how to do.

OTO 2: Traffic X Package

This package will show you how to get a lot of additional traffic in just days. More traffic means more sales, over time. It increases scalability. I recommend NOT getting the downsell to this- as the full Traffic X Package has much more to offer.

OTO 3: Full Reseller Rights To Flipp.Me

I love reseller rights because it’s essentially a done for you product. If you want to open up an additional revenue stream and make money selling Flipp.Me without having to create your own product or spend money creating marketing pages, then this one is a no brainer.

>> Snag Flipp Me Here With One Of My Bonus Packages Before They Are Gone <<


I have put together a bonus package for you that will remove any barriers to fast results. This is limited to the first 100 people who snag Flipp.Me ONLY. You’ll have to be fast.

Bonus #1: A list of Fiverr gigs you can buy for 5 bucks and flip for 20+ bucks using the Flipp.Me method (others will have to spend forever finding these and which ones will sell)

Bonus #2: My Pinterest Ads Training: You can sell stuff for any price you want and drop ship it from Fiverr. However, doing it this way you need traffic. Use my Pinterest traffic for the Flipp.Me method for a huge leg up over the competition (no one’s teaching this)

Bonus #3: Access to our private Spark Facebook group; Interact with me, other established entrepreneurs and newbies all in one place and grow your business by asking questions and learning from others.

Bonus For Picking Up One Or More OTO’s Is:

Is a list of 30 extra sources to supply products to avoid saturation …. an easy way to reverse engineer top products and some neat useful spying stuff.


If you have any questions or comments, let me know. I’m happy to help!

>> Snag Flipp Me Here With One Of My Bonus Packages Before They Are Gone <<



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