Mail X: How Does It Compare To Aweber? My Review And Bonuses

I love AWeber. I really do. It’s STILL better than most companies out there for email marketing. However, deliverability as of late has gone down and my monthly fees are only going up.

I want to always be safe and have another auto responder in place, and found one I’m really loving that has amazing deliverability, awesome functionality, and get this, I don’t have to pay any monthly fees.

I’m going to share the details of it for you in my review video, but, so you know, it’s called MAIL X… and it’s going to be available to you starting Friday, April 29th 2016 at 11AM Eastern Time.

>>> Click Here At 11AM Friday, April 29th To Snag Mail X and by Bonuses For The Discount Price <<<

>>> Click Here At 11AM Friday, April 29th To Snag Mail X and by Bonuses For The Discount Price <<<

Here’s an overview of the software and the OTO’s (one time offers) that are optional and usually make things better for you:

Mail X: This is the main auto responder plugin. You can use this to send your emails and they will show you how. I love the interface and it’s important to always be safe and have an auto responder that you can always rely on (the main ones have deliverability issues, cost a lot, and can kick you off at any time) plus they can remove your list or not approve your leads. With Mail X you don’t pay a fee and never have to worry about losing your list as everything on there is yours.

OTO 1: Mail X Pro: 

Mail X pro comes with a few things but the main one that I really love that stands out to me is the list cleaner option. With this your list will always be cleaned from spam bots and other things that hurt deliver-ability and make you fall into spam filters. This will make sure your list stays in the inbox and you’re getting optimum opens, clicks and revenue. Additionally you’ll get some high quality mail templates to make sure you can crush it with the best looking emails to make you be the authority and look the most professional.

OTO 2: Mail X Membership

This membership allows you the ability to get monthly templates that are fresh and email marketing tips/tricks that will keep you up to date with the times. In my opinion, OTO 1 and OTO 3 are the best ones. However, there’s no loss with this one since you have the ability to “keep up with the times” and know what’s working in any given month as things are always changing.

OTO 3: Mail X Reseller Rights

I LOVE reseller rights. Seriously, I’ve had to pay upwards of $5000 to get software developed. To have one handed to you for so cheap that you have the rights to resell AND don’t have to handle any support is big. You keep 100% commissions of a high quality in demand software and once you get paid you don’t even have to handle support. It doesn’t get better than that. You can use this to make any amount you want, selling as many copies you want and for any price you want.

>>> Click Here At 11AM Friday, April 29th To Snag Mail X and by Bonuses For The Discount Price <<<


You’ll get the following bonuses when you snag Mail X Pro through my link:

WP Buzz Machine: A viral list building wordpress plugin

Udemy Profits: Helps you see how to create in demand courses for UDemy where they collect a passive income for you

WP Flash Pages: Use this to build killer landing pages

WP Video Optin: A video optin WordPress Plugin

When you snag Mail X Pro (OTO 1) you’ll also get the following bonuses:

WP LinkTweet: Twitter can lead to tons of free passive traffic and profits. Use this shortcode to tweet anything.

WP ScarcityLock: A fast action landing page plugin

WP BlogBook: Use this to turn your blog posts into professional e-books. Very cool.

WP SqueezeQuestion: Pro email opt-in survey & question pages (they always convert better)


If you have any questions or comments you can email me or comment below. I’m happy to help!

>>> Click Here At 11AM Friday, April 29th To Snag Mail X and by Bonuses For The Discount Price <<<



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