“The Money is in the List”

When I first started getting into making money on the internet, one of the first quotes I heard, and continued to hear, was, “the money is in the list”.


At first, I thought I sort of understood what it meant. In my head, I just thought it meant that if you could collect a large amount of email addresses and then broadcast an email to all of them trying to sell something, you’d be able to make a ton of money even if only a small percentage of them bought it.

Well, this is SORT of true. But, as we know, people aren’t stupid. No one is going to magically click a buy button and send someone else money, just because they got an email from them ๐Ÿ™‚

As I started learning more about internet marketing, I saw what it really took to make a list that people actually stayed subscribed to, and saw quickly the types of lists that were highly self destructive.

So, here are the qualities of a GOOD list.

  • They first and foremost provide the subscribers with free, high quality content in a calm fashion with an honest intent to help them. Usually this is done no less than twice per week and no more than once per day, though it is not an exact science and you need to do what works for you.
  • They do not “hard sell” products, a.k.a. “buy this now!” or “you’d be an idiot not to get your hands on this product!”. They rather calmly speak to the subscribers, sometimes even rhetorically ask how the subscriber’s day was, and then tell a story to the reader of a problem they had, directly related to the email list’s topic, and how they solved it. Then a link to the solution is conveniently placed near the bottom of the email without directly saying someone needs to rush to buy it. This is called a properly executed “soft sell”.
  • They often will provide free reports, e-books, and videos once a week or a couple of times a month.
  • Essentially, the above three bullet points show that someone is “treating their list well” and “nurturing” them. This breeds a list that will theoretically enjoy being subscribed, develop trust in the list owner, and generally end up buying his recommended products.

And, quite oppositely, here are some characteristics of a BAD list.

  • They first and foremost promote, promote, and keep promoting offers in a spammy fashion to subscribers. This is accomplished by emailing the list at least once per day with short messages saying “buy this now!” or “check out this latest amazing product now!”. This generally leads to high unsubscribes because there is no value being provided to the subscribers. This is called the “churn and burn” model.
  • They do not provide any free content to the subscriber.
  • They only care about trying to make a fast buck rather than working to build a good, trustworthy, long term relationship with their list.


Naturally, the method which will be more profitable in the long run is nurturing and building a good relationship with your list. They will genuinely enjoy getting emails from you and you will be rewarded for treating them well.


So, that’s my two cents on the “good” and “bad” ways to treat your email list. Hope you enjoyed the post ๐Ÿ™‚



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