Vid Lock: Increase Your Social Traffic And Viral Potential With This: What You NEED To Know

There’s a reason some people make way more with their traffic than others do. It’s how you approach the traffic that matters. Some set themselves up for viral potential, collect the most leads and more. It’s not so easy to do that, and sometimes softwares to help you do this have outrageous prices.

Today I’m going through Vidlock which claims to be the budget bargain alternative to give you the same viral potential, social sharing potential and lead generation abilities by basically locking videos (you don’t have to create any videos but can if you want) . It hits the market on June 12th 2016 at 11:00 AM Eastern. My video reveals what you must know about the software.


Snag Vidlock And My Exclusive Bonuses Here
Snag Vidlock And My Exclusive Bonuses Here
Here’s a quick overview of the main software and OTO’s (optional but potentially very useful upgrades) available to you at the time of purchase.

Vidlock: Main Software

The main software lets you hide videos people want to see, and request them to take an action to see it. That action could be obtaining their email, having them share your information to Facebook, and more. So, in short, it’s helping you optimize your traffic for an affordable price.

OTO 1:Vidlock PRo

This is basically a ton more features, training and white label rights. It’s interesting they combined all this into one OTO because usually it’s split into 3. I like the value here on having all 3 on one OTO… since you’ll have the ability to resell the software as your own (yay certified resellers!) and learn useful training, while getting more features at the same time. This is probably the most useful/most valuable OTO of the bunch.

OTO 2: Collection of all their past softwares and training

The vendors, Radu and Han, have offered all their past products and softwares into an affordable bundle at a bargain price for those who grab Vidlock. This deal basically means instead of paying up to $47 for each product indivudually, you’ll pay a fraction of that for ALL of them. If you feel that you want a stacked library of quality training and software for a price you can’t beat, then take advantage of already being eligible for this deal and go for it.

OTO 3: Vidpix

This software, though it matters HOW you use it to see results, it actually awesome. It lets you place optin boxes, videos, and buy buttons over IMAGES! So let’s say you hover over an image, suddenly one of those three things appears. If you move the mouse off the image, it disappears again! Hover over the image again…it’s back! It can be very useful depending how you use it. I think it’s well worth checking out.


Vidlock is about getting organic traffic from ranking videos in Google. I’m going to include bonuses to show you how to get even more traffic.

Bonus #1: My Elite Commission Machines Course, which will show you how to use Bing traffic to get great results.

Bonus #2: My Tube Traffic Avalanche course, which will show you even more ways to get tons of passive video traffic.

Plus… A collection of courses/softwares that can help you out in different areas…

Bonus #3:WP Buzz Machine- Helps you with viral list building.

Bonus #4: Udemy Profits- Helps you create courses to sell on UDemy and get passive revenue.

Bonus #5: WP Flash Pages- Another landing page builder. Create landing pages easily. Again, not the best, but it’s a bonus.

Bonus #6: WP Video Optin- This is the ability to create video optin pages. A decent plugin especially as a bonus.

Snag Vidlock And My Exclusive Bonuses Here

Let me know if you have any questions or comments. I’m happy to help.

Snag Vidlock And My Exclusive Bonuses Here



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