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I help people explode their business with webinars. I love webinars so much, I co-founded a webinar software.

About Stefan

A former mechanical engineer, I found myself yearning for a life of more freedom. I fired my boss in 2015 and began working for myself.

I went from struggling to sell courses, coaching, agency services and software to selling 7 figures worth thanks to the power of webinars.

Webinars transformed my business, so I wanted to figure out how I could help it transform other's businesses as well... and soon, I cofounded WebinarKit with a friend who had the same vision... to create an all in one tool that lets others transform their businesses through webinars.

Now I run WebinarKit, and help others explode their own business with webinars too!

Why Webinars?

In this day and age... if you run a coaching business, sell courses, run an agency, a SAAS, or any type of similar business...

It's getting MUCH harder to stand out from the competition. 

In my online career, I have sold everything from courses, agency services, coaching, and software...

In the beginning consistently getting clients and sales was not easy, until I added the one missing piece to the puzzle that allowed me to sell 7 figures of these items and differentiate myself as leaps and bounds above any competition... 

That missing piece was of course, Webinars!

Webinars let you form a bond with your potential customers. By the time they finish your webinar (if it's done right), they will know, like and trust you in a way that will leave

THAT is the power of webinars. It transformed my business and can do the same for you. 


A powerful software I cofounded that helps business owners transform their business through the power of webinars and their various applications

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