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I'm cofounder of the software WebinarKit, and known as "the webinar guy." Yes, I love webinars so much, I co-founded a webinar software!

I help people explode their business with webinars. 

Stefan Ciancio


A former mechanical engineer, I found myself yearning for a life of more freedom. I fired my boss in 2015 and began working for myself.

I went from struggling to sell courses, coaching, agency services and software to selling 7 figures worth thanks to the power of webinars.

Webinars transformed my business, so I wanted to figure out how I could help it transform other's businesses as well... and soon, I cofounded WebinarKit with a friend who had the same vision... to create an all in one tool that lets others transform their businesses through webinars.

Now I run WebinarKit, and help others explode their own business with webinars too!

Why Webinars?

In this day and age... if you run a coaching business, sell courses, run an agency, a SAAS, or any type of similar business...

It's getting MUCH harder to stand out from the competition. 

In my online career, I have sold everything from courses, agency services, coaching, and software...

In the beginning consistently getting clients and sales was not easy, until I added the one missing piece to the puzzle that allowed me to sell 7 figures of these items and differentiate myself as leaps and bounds above any competition... 

That missing piece was of course, Webinars!

Webinars let you form a bond with your potential customers. By the time they finish your webinar (if it's done right), they will know, like and trust you in a way that will leave them with very few, if any reservations on buying from you, working with you or recommending you to others.

THAT is the power of webinars. It transformed my business and can do the same for you. 

How Can I Help You?

WebinarKit Software

A powerful software I cofounded that helps business owners transform their business through the power of webinars and their various applications

White Label WebinarKit

Looking to build recurring revenue in your business with your very own software? Learn about white labeling WebinarKit to grow your recurring revenue today.

Need a Speaker?

I have spoken on international stages, podcasts and online summits. Do you need a speaker for in person or online events? Learn more about having me speak

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