If you have something to sell but have no traffic, your offer is like a deserted island that no one will find.

When you start getting targeted eyeballs on your offer, you have people that will be interested in buying it, which will result in sales and revenue in your pocket! Yay!


1) Forum Signature – Don’t discount this method! It’s perfect for getting free, passive, targeted clicks in any niche. Simply search on google for a forum in your niche. You can type “weight loss forum”, for example. Skim the forum rules to see if you’re allowed to sell something there, or just see if others are linking to offers in their forum signature. If it looks good, you can start selling your offer there by making a few posts a day. If you make 25 posts a day for a month (maybe an hour or so a day of work) you can very easily be making $50-$100 a day !

2) Blog guest posting and comments- You can post guest blog posts as well as comment on existing blog posts for passive traffic. Leave a nice comment that demonstrates some authority and adds value, drop your site link, and enjoy the passive eyeballs. This will take some time to get going, but it will go from a trickle to a pour once you get enough comments or guest blog posts out there.

3) Bing PPC, my most recent baby. I’ve got a case study which shows how I profited with this method using super cheap clicks. You can see the case study here in case you missed it. You can use this method to get highly targeted clicks, all USA based tier 1 clicks (the best kind) to your offers, for just 5 to 10 cents each. Comparing this with 70 cent tier 1 solo ad clicks, you can see it’s a total bargain. 

There you have it. Above is more than enough information you need to get out there and start making some serious money! 



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