Any modern business owners knows the importance of social media promotion for their business – but this isn’t the only kind of media promotion you should be aiming to achieve. While the traditional media – newspapers and TV stations, primarily – may not hold the sway they once did, this form of media offers a level of cache, as well as access to demographics that can be difficult to capture with online promotional methods.

To ensure that your promotional strategy is well-rounded, you need to ensure you include a focus on the old media as well as the new. Below, we’ve put together three simple methods you can utilize to boost your promotional activities business with traditional media – read on to find out more.


The simplest method of using traditional media to increase your business’ exposure is good old-fashioned advertising. Where you are actually able to advertise will depend heavily on your budget; national publications are far more expensive than local options, for example. If you can only stretch to local advertising, then that’s still preferable to no traditional media advertising at all, and there are a number of benefits to be found by advertising this way.

Issue press releases for all new business developments

Press releases are used by online and offline traditional media establishments, so they’re an excellent way of enhancing your business’ exposure across demographics. You can issue a press release for anything new in your business; when advertising for new staff, launching a product, or even just updating your website are all good sources of continual ‘new’ information that you may want to publicise.

As for writing the press release, you have two choices: you can hire a professional writer, or if your budget is more limited, you can learn how to write a press release yourself. It’s usually worth trying the DIY method first and foremost, and then you can evaluate your future strategy based on analysis of the results.

Offer yourself as an expert in your field

Whenever there is a news story, the traditional media will seek expert opinions to provide greater insight for the general coverage. By positioning yourself as one of these experts, you benefit in two ways: first and foremost, the simple exposure for your business – most media outlets will publish your business’ name and your title when quoting you. Secondly, being positioned as an expert will ensure people see you as an expert, which can help to boost your business’ standing and increases trust from prospective customers. Finally, media experts are usually compensated for their time, which could mean another revenue stream for your business.

There are various ways and means of becoming a media expert, and while it may take awhile to build your profile, the benefits are well worth the extra work.

In conclusion

Focusing on newer forms of media and technology is important when promoting your business, but these are not the only area worthy of your attention. By ensuring your business receives coverage from traditional media also, you will see your business’ exposure levels increase, which in turn should help to generate the profit levels you are hoping to achieve.




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