$336.93 in 48 Hours Without Driving Any Traffic: What You Need To Know About Quick Affiliate Profits

As a struggling newbie, nothing is worse than to have some “guru” tell you THEY managed to get amazing results and you somehow feel like you can’t replicate it, or are missing something.

However when a regular honest guy gets results to the tune of $336.93 in 48 hours, that’s something that might really help a newbie, something they can absolutely achieve.

Today I’m reviewing Quick Affiliate Profits, which becomes available on Wednesday, December 14th at 10AM EST. Here’s what I found & a sneak peek:


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Quick Affiliate Profits Main Traffic
Quick Affiliate Profits is based on a 100% real and ethical method that actually works without needing to drive your own traffic. Based on real results that Josh has had with this exact system, the product has 6 modules where Josh goes into every single detail necessary in an over-the-shoulder training for you. Everything is covered from the ground up.

OTO1 – DFY (Done For You) Campaign 
This Package will provide you with ‘Done For You’ solution to save you time and get you results faster. It comes with the done for you lead machines, basically helping you skip the set up work so you can get right to the part where earnings come. It’s a nice package, especially for the dirt cheap price. (NOTE: There will be a downsell for this product which is identical to the OTO for less money- GET THE DOWNSELL)

OTO2 – Instant Squeeze Page Creator – 50% Commissions

Many squeeze page creators cost $300 and some much more, and hiring a designer to build a page for you is expensive and time consuming. If you need a squeeze page and need it NOW- this is a great option for you. Super cheap and lets you whip up squeeze pages super fast for your own needs- and you can also sell squeeze pages you make in it to others for any price you want to charge. (NOTE: There will be a downsell for this product which is identical to the OTO for less money- GET THE DOWNSELL)

OTO3 – Group Coaching 

This Is a Group coaching call. Depending On numbers we plan to split this into two or maybe three separate groups for the coaching calls. This is because We plan to keep it quite interactive and open the floor for a good amount of time with Q&A. Also we will run a separate coaching call for the Downsell buyers which will be a shorter duration call

The Verdict

This is a great course for the money. It outlines a working method any newbie can use to get results- and the creator went out and got the results first to prove it worked. For the price, the product and OTO’s are great for anyone still struggling to finally get results.

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As always, I put together the best bonus package. In this case I whipped up something special.

Stefan’s Quick Bonus Profits Pack (limited to first 75 people to snag Quick Affiliate Profits)

  1. Passive Sales from Free Traffic Case Study: Watch me make $150+ in about a month with all free traffic, all explained in the case study!
  2. PPC case study: 20 cent subscribers in a hot niche. If you could pay 20 cents per subscriber and profit from them for life, wouldn’t you? See exactly how I did it.
  3. How I turned $7 into $31 in 10 minutes work case study: See how you can replicate turning 7 bucks in 31 bucks and then repeat it for easy money in, money out.
  4. Mystery Bonus (you’re going to love this)

These bonuses will be available for the first 75 people who snag Quick Affiliate Profits, in their download area at Warrior Plus.

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If you have any questions or comments, feel free to let me know.



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