Businesses need to evolve or adapt in order to stay afloat. To meet customer demand your business needs to able to offer a product or service that they want, as well as have a production and delivery process which is quick and efficient. Often this involves a financial investment in order to grow your business. Perhaps you need to move to larger premises or invest in some new equipment? During your initial business plan you will have hopefully allowed for future expenditure and you should have contingency plans for things that go awry, but even contingencies are expendable.    

If you need to grow your business quickly in order to be able to stay ahead of your competitors the following tips will help.


Your brand needs to be strong and memorable within the workplace. If you know your target market you can adapt all your branding towards them. Your brand should evoke an almost emotional response and it should aim to make your business the first point of call for your target market. Ensure your brand is relevant to your business sector and ask for expert help if you are struggling, there are many professionals who you could consult for specific branding advice for example  Digimax Dental are a dental marketing agency who will assist in helping your dental practice stand out and grow.

Get your brand “out there” there is no point in having excellent branding if no one actually sees it!


Often seeking extra funding to enable your business to grow is unavoidable. Try to keep costs down by borrowing money from family and friends if feasible. If not research business loans and credit cards. If your funding is going to allow your business to grow and get more profit the investment will be worthwhile.

Manage time effectively

Research has shown that for sales to be generated at a level which will allow a business to grow, 80% of a business owners time should be spent on generating sales. Unfortunately there are so many other tasks associated with running a business, but none of them are as important as sales. Sales equal profit and without them the business would not be viable. To allow enough time you could consider outsourcing certain tasks to freelancers. Delegation within your staff team will also be useful.

Maintain focus

It is essential to always ensure that your customers remain your focus. You should spend time getting out there, away from your office, actually talking to potential customers. Find out what they would like from you, ask them to try your product, maybe offer deals. Most importantly try to build a rapport with potential customers. Adapt your marketing strategy around your target customers.

All this will put you one step ahead of your competitors as a friendly, approachable face goes a long way. Hopefully your business will become the natural first point of call.

Don’t forget the customers you already have, maybe offer a loyalty scheme? This will ensure that they recommend you to others.

There are many creative ways of ensuring your business expands in order to stay afloat. There are also lots of resources available, which will help if you are struggling.



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