Your clients are super important. Without them, there is no way you would be able to make any money as no one would be using your business. So, it is absolutely crucial that you provide them with the best possible service and treat them well throughout the course of your professional relationship. Here are five key steps that will greatly improve your company’s client management.

Use Your Client’s Time Wisely

When it comes to business, everyone’s time is precious. No one wants to have their time wasted in pointless meetings or overly long conference calls. So, you need to bear this in mind when you are communicating with your client. If possible, try and keep things brief enough so that you can communicate everything that you need to in emails or short phone calls.

Keep Them Up To Date

Even though you might not speak to your clients that often, they will still want to be kept up to date with all the latest goings on in their projects. You might want to use one of the Stave Apps to help you with this. There are now apps that you can show your clients once you’ve reached important project milestones. Using these is a very convenient way for your clients to check in on their work.

Treat Them As Humans

It can be easy to see clients as paychecks. However, this isn’t a good way to treat them and your service could end up feeling less than personal. One solution to this is to always treat them as humans. Always be friendly and willing to help your clients each time you are in contact with them. You might also find that being slightly too polished and professional makes you come across as a bit of a robot, so it’s always best to relax slightly and try and be yourself when around them.

Be Professional When Receiving Feedback

There will be points when your clients might want to offer you some feedback on the work that you are carrying out for them. This might not always be positive, but it is always best to be very professional when you are receiving any kind of feedback, no matter how negative it might be. After all, your clients are giving you this feedback so that you can improve and produce work of an even better quality for them. Responding to this feedback in a highly professional manner and taking it on board will ensure the longevity if your relationship with a client.

Be Flexible

Whenever possible, you should always be flexible to try to accommodate your clients wishes. For instance, try and hold your meetings and calls at times that suit them best. Whatever happens, don’t be visibly annoyed when trying to accommodate a tricky request by a client as this could put you in their bad books.

These are just a few ways you can improve your company’s client management. By doing so, you should find that you are offered even more projects!




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