These days with all the crap coming out that’s overhyped and not backed by any results, it’s nice to come across someone keeping it simple and just plain getting results.

Marcus Christian is kind of an underground marketer because he’s out in the trenches actually doing marketing, not just launching products. Today he has brought us a gem from his hard work called Bingify, where he teaches how to set up simply passive micro ads that bring in 50%-120% ROI so you can make $2000+ per month.

Watch my video that goes into detail on how this works:



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Bingify is a comprehensive training program and that goes into detail about how to set up profitable campaigns by sending ultra targeted and cheap traffic to high converting offers.

You can get started with this proven method with ZERO up front investment and get hordes of ultra targeted and hungry visitors to your offers who are desperate to get what you have to offer.

This method works so well because there is absolutely NO selling involved whatsoever.

And better still, absolutely NO technical skills are required to make this work.

–No landing pages
–No complicated tracking software
–No budget to get started
–No selling required
–Simply send traffic directly to your offers and see returns of between 50-120% ROI or more every time you launch a new campaign.

This is a simple, yet extremely powerful training program that gets real results. FAST.

In addition, this traffic can be used for all types of marketing such as e-commerce, lead generation, affiliate marketing, selling digital products, local marketing and much, much more…

Also, the main Bingify training also comes with their Long Tail Dominator software. So it’s full training and an easy to use software for long tail keywords as well.

OTO 1: Done For You Campaigns 

This product is Done For You Keyword Research, Offers, aD titles, descriptions and high converting landing pages for the best performing campaigns that they recommend to get started with Bing traffic.

To get access to this information and put this together yourself, it would either take countless hours of manual spying on your competition to see what is working or you would have to spend money on expensive spy tools, which can costs upwards of $300/m.

You will have access to all the marketing materials you need to start sending traffic to their offers straight away.

This includes:

–10 campaigns that are working right now
–The exact offers to use
–Laser focused keyword research with Buyer Keyword Lists
–High converting landing pages that are PROVEN to get results
–BONUS: As a bonus, they will get access to one of our best previous training courses to help boost their success

OTO 2: Bingify Platinum – Advanced Training & Keyword Optimization Software

This product is an advanced training series and Keyword Optimization software that compliments the FE and will help turn you  into Bing marketing expert.

Here’s some of the things that you’ll learn in the advanced training:
–How to set up tracking like a pro and squeeze more ROI out of every single click
–How to do advanced keyword research using THREE different methods, including with two of their own custom keyword research tools
–How to reverse-engineer your competitor’s most profitable AD titles, descriptions and landing pages for your chosen niche.
–How to set up high converting landing pages to boost your profits for every campaign that you launch
–How to set up a profit pulling funnel and monitor the flow of your buyer traffic from Bing
–Watch as they set up a profitable campaign in Bing Ads right before your eyes. Simply copy what they do and you’ll be good to go
–How to further optimize your winning keywords for profitability using the Keyword Optimizater software included as a part of this package.

OTO 3: Bing Profit Planner

This is their custom built campaign planner software that they use to create successful campaigns. This powerful tool allows them to steal hundreds of ad copy ideas, including descriptions, landing pages and the hottest buyer keywords in any niche in less than 60 seconds flat!

>> Grab Bingify And All Bonuses Here <<

The Verdict

Marcus doesn’t put out a ton of products because he is busy in the trenches seeing what works. This is a real method that you can maintain in 15-30 minutes a day to build a passive income stream with 50%-120% ROI or scale higher. You can also apply this traffic source to anything you’re already doing so it’s very powerful. This gets my two thumbs up, I love real case studies so that’s why I really like this. The value to price ratio is insane, especially when you consider the bonuses.


This bonus package is limited to the first 100 people who pick up Bingify.

Bonus #1) My exact 100% ROI CPA offer.

Bonus #2) My leads connection case study getting paid to get leads using Bing Ads

Bonus #3) Mobile Marketing Masterclass- Step by step mobile marketing training that teaches people how to generate massive paydays with mobile CPA app downloads.

Bonus #4) Media Buying Blueprint

Bonus #5) eCom KickStart


>> Grab Bingify And All Bonuses Here <<



If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to comment below or email me, I’m happy to help 🙂



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