If you’re looking for a sign that signals now is the right time to start up your business, this is it. You’ll be pleased to note too that this sign and accompanying advice is based on cold hard facts, are explained below, not mumbo jumbo. Therefore keep reading to find out all about the reasons why now is the perfect time to set up your company in the US.

A wide range of outsourcing services available

In the past, an issue that could stop even the most confident of entrepreneurs was their lack of knowledge and experience that was needed to get their business off if the ground. Mostly it wasn’t issued with the business side of thing, but the more specialist tasks that needed doing that could get in the way of your business being fit for purpose.

Outsourcing can help you get expert support for a much more reasonable price.

Of course with so many specialized roles needed to create a successful modern startup, you would think that this problem has become even more of a hurdle. However, this is not the case, primarily because of the vast range of outsourcing services that are now available. What this means is that whether you have a website to design or a marketing campaign to come up with, there is someone out there that can do this for you and they can be paid on a project by project basis.

You can even get very particular tasks like photos of your products for your website done via outsourcers like PENCIL ONE Inc. to a professional standard. Something that will ensure that your items look the best they possibly can and that you don’t have to fuss about with training yourself to use a DSLR and photoshop, at the same time as trying to get your business off the ground.

Better healthcare for business owners

Next, another sign that 2018 is the right time to get your startup moving is the developments in health care for business owners in the US. After all, many people get their health care provision and insurance through their employment contracts and it’s something that many startup owners can struggle to provide, even for themselves, especially in the beginning when things have got off the ground yet.

However, with the recent changes, startup and other small business owners can now pool together and purchase health insurance as a group. Something that can make it much more affordable and so ensure that even the most modest business can access this for their employees.

Loads of information and guidance available

It is also important to remember that now, more than ever is a time where there is so much information guidance available in every area that you could need when setting up a business.

In fact, no matter the problem or issue that is facing you, it is likely that you will be able to find some guidance that can help. Good examples of these include things like the many videos on Youtube explaining the difference between UX and UI design. Then there are the articles on blogs and in online magazines on how to create a half decent business plan and how to apply for funding, or how to conduct your business, as well as formally certified courses in everything from touch typing to HR to accounting.

Something that means no matter what point you are starting from it’s far easier, and faster to get the practical knowledge that you need to ensure that our business is a success.

Also, all this information and help that is flying about the internet means that the skills and education of the people you will employ will be high. Something that will hopefully translate into making them more effective at their jobs. A factor that in turn, should help your startup success now more than at times in the past.

People are used to buying online and internationally

One reason that now is the perfect time to set up a business is the state of the current consumer market. After all, consumers are entirely used to buying online, and from companies that are not based in their own countries.

What this means is that you have a much more viable opportunity to close sales in an online environment, a factor that is vital for a startup that wants to keep their overhead costs low.  Also, you may even have the chance to expand into overseas markets in a significant way, something that could take you from a startup to an SME within the first two years!

You can get coaching to help you

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that there is a big boom in business and personal coaching services at the moment as well. Services that can help you not only identify your goals, but also achieve them as well as move through the fear of the additional responsibility the founding of a business can cause, to fulfilling your dream of success.

2018 US Tax reforms

Lastly with some serious tax reforms in the USA occurring there is no better time to start up a business. In particular, the fact that corporation tax rate has been reduced by 14 percent will make a big difference to startups in two ways.

The first way is that it will positively affect the amount of tax those with a corporation rating will have to pay, making it much more cost effective to chose this category if it’s the right one for your business.

Secondly, even if you are not in the corporation category, you may end up paying this level of tax on some of your deals due to pass through income rules. Of course, now if that is the case, you are looking massively reduced cost, something that will help to ensure that your business has more capital to thrive even in the beginning years.

It’s also vital to not to forget that the US tax reform can positively affect startup in another way as well. This is because smaller businesses now have vastly increased financial limits for what they can claim as expenses for running their business.

Of course, as anything that is an expense is then removed from the overall figure they’ll have to pay tax on, this can give small to medium business a much-needed boost towards success.




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