A True Passive Income Or DOUBLE Your Money Back: What You NEED To Know About Video Course Cash Kit

I quit my job because I had something to sell that people wanted. That’s key. I also make money every month passively too, as passive income is always nice to achieve. It’s possible to achieve passive income even if you work full time, and even if you want to a) stay full time or b) market online full time.

Video Course Cash Kit combines a course showing you how to build a monthly passive income in your free time and scale it to thousands per month, and for a limited time (the few-day launch period) you’ll also get 50 agency rights copies to sell it for whatever price you want. I cover what you NEED to know about Video Course Cash Kit, which goes live on June 19th 2016 at 11AM Eastern, right here in this video:

>> Snag Video Course Cash Kit + My Limited Time Bonus Pack Here <<



>> Snag Video Course Cash Kit + My Limited Time Bonus Pack Here <<

Here’s a quick overview of Video Course Cash Kit and the optional upgrades. If the upgrade gets a score above 7/10 , I recommend it to you to pick up.

Main Course+Resell Rights: Video Course Cash Kit

In this course you will be learning how to build a true passive income on UDemy. It’s becoming easier and easier to find buyers because UDemy connects you with hungry buyers searching for how to do just about anything. You can put simple videos on UDemy and collect passive incomes month after month. I’ve been doing this and it’s great. 10/10

OTO 1: Unlimited Agency Upgrade

With this plugin, you will be able to sell Video Course Cash Kit an unlimited amount of times and keep 100% of the profits, while handling 0% of the support. It’s affiliate marketing but even better since you keep 100% of the commissions. This gets 10/10 for me since it means you always have something to sell handled entirely by someone else.

OTO 2: Affiliate Training With Unlimited Agency Reseller Rights

This is a different training about how to make money with affiliate marketing by getting lots of traffic. Like Video Course Cash Kit, this course also comes with full resell rights, meaning now you’ll have more knowledge of HOW to sell by getting lots of traffic, and a second product to sell as well. Score: 8.5/10

OTO 3: Link Master Plugin with Unlimited Agency Reseller Rights

This is a plugin that you can sell unlimited times, like the above two, and keep 100% of the profits while also doing none of the support. I think two is more than enough to start, so I’d say this OTO is totally not necessary. Since it’s still an amazing package and deal , I’ll give it 6.5/10. 

OTO 4: Profit Canvas special Video Course Cash Kit Customer Price (lifetime access instead of monthly)

Since you are a customer of Video Course Cash Kit to be able to get this, it’s a good deal. Normally you’d be paying monthly, which would mean you’d be paying hundreds of dollars a year for this all in one sales page, landing page etc. builder. Now you’ll get it at lifetime access for a small fraction of that. Grade: 7.5/10

>> Snag Video Course Cash Kit + My Limited Time Bonus Pack Here <<

Stefan’s SPECIAL UNIQUE Bonus:

I actually make money on UDemy without even having to do any of the setup work. As my special bonus, I’ll be including how to get this arrangement for an amazing deal… something I’ve only told to one other person and they are loving doing this. This will be limited to the first 100 people only. I am also including the following bonuses as well:

>> Snag Video Course Cash Kit + My Limited Time Bonus Pack Here <<




>> Snag Video Course Cash Kit + My Limited Time Bonus Pack Here <<



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