Hi there, and welcome to my internet marketing blog!

Hi and welcome! My name is Stefan Ciancio. I was born and raised in New York in the USA.

I am full time entrepreneur and internet marketer. Currently, I am in the business(es) of launching video and PDF training products on different internet earning methods, reviewing and promoting products as an affiliate through my blog and email marketing, running an e-commerce web site selling physical goods, promoting CPA offers for commissions, writing sales copy, and consulting with new entrepreneurs looking to have their big breakthrough.

I left my day job back in August of 2015 to pursue my dreams of having my own business and living life on my terms. You can learn more about my journey and get a free download of how I did it on this page.

I attended a university for mechanical engineering and that was the field I worked in for 3 years after college. I enjoy a few hobbies including baseball, bowling and computers. I’ve always loved traveling, and have been to Greece, Italy, France, England, Canada and the Bahamas. I hope to visit as much of the globe as I can :)

I first started becoming interested in making money on the internet when I saw some friends selling things on ebay that they found at garage sales. I did this for a couple of months.

From there, I went into e-book publishing and did that next. However, both this and ebay selling did not feel like I was truly doing something spectacular.

I've set this site up as a few things: a hub for you to get free information (check out my new blog posts and resources page) to review products that I'm an affiliate for, and for you to keep up with what I'm doing and have easy access to connect with me should you need it.

Have a look around and check back for updates 🙂

If you're interested in working with me so we can get your business up and going, get hold of me through filling out this short application and I'll be in touch 🙂