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Affiliate Raid Review: Need To Know Details and Sneak Peek

Affiliate Raid Review

Want the scoop on the Affiliate Raid? Find out below in my Affiliate Raid Review.

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At the core of internet marketing is having a list of customers to market to. We all know the money is in the list. But traditionally, building a list required a free option which, let be honest…doesn't always have a high perceived value to potential subscribers.

That's where Affiliate Raid comes in. Richard Fairbairn & Paul Okeefe joined forces to create this product which is genius. Affiliate Raid allows you give away of solution-based highly-converting high-value lite versions of software (using our Affiliate Raid Backend Cloud-Based Software) for FREE… with a stealthy-and-legal tactic to get an email address. 

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In my Affiliate Raid Review, you'll see what I think of the product, what I like and don't like, and what you can expect to see from the optional upgrades (OTO'S).

The cool thing about this product is that it's basically a turn-key, three step system for creating the high value options for list-building, using their software rebranding tools. Once you implement it, it works on autopilot without any additional work for you.

List-building can be risky, can cost money, can take time to really master, and doesn't always work the way it's taught in regards to SEO. This product eliminates all those negatives and makes it free, simple, risk-free, and efficient to build your list.

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The setup is really straightforward and simple to execute, which means you can have your lists growing in no time. Additionally, you don't have to create or launch products to promote and build your list.

That's the scoop! Let me quickly break down what the main product is and includes, as well as the optional upgrades.

Affiliate Raid Review – Product Details

Affiliate Raid (Details):  The front end product itself is 10 ‘lite' softwares with giveaway rights. Once the software is given away an email is required to unlock the software and hooked up to most Autoresponder services to collect these leads. It has a viral effect as each person who gets the ‘lite' version also gets the giveaway licence.

Each FREE app is also set up with full GDPR compliance so they can be given away anywhere in the world and each time the software is unlocked the customer builds a lead.

OTO1: Pro Version – This includes the upsell versions for each of the lite versions. All pro versions have extra features and are unsold within the lite versions. so anyone upgrading to pro can then start to also monetise given the free software away as well as building a list they will be entitled to 100% of the income generated from any ‘pro’ upgrades.

OTO2: Master rights – This includes all source code to each piece of software. so the whole thing can be rebranded re-developed do whatever you want with the code and make a new enhanced version or just rename it as your own like a white bale etc. it also includes full brand rights comes with one new piece of software added every month.

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The Verdict

  • This is a well-thought out and executed product. Very simple to implement using their training.
  • Really anyone can use this tool to build their list – including newbies.
  • They include even the sales material related to all of the softwares for you – it's a completely done for you system.
  • I am going to be making things even easier for you with my additional bonus pack (I'm known to always give out the best bonuses! This launch will be no different).

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My Additional Bonuses For You 

I am including an additional epic bonus pack for you when you go through this Affiliate Raid Review to purchase Affiliate Raid. (23 total bonuses!)

Limited Time Bonus #1 (First 100 people only): I am including my 30,000 visitors case study which will let you see how to start getting lots of traffic to your Affiliate Raid optin pages 🙂

Limited Time Bonus #2 (First 100 people only): My secret 10x training while doing less work. This isn't released as a course, you can only get it as a bonus. First 100 people only.

You will also get all these additional bonuses:

BONUS #1: Reseller License – Get Clicks App

In today’s social world, not every social campaign goes viral and neither every social media post reaches the target audience. But this can all change via Get Clicks. Our brand new app comes complete with full resell rights and includes everything you need to get started straight away.

BONUS #2: Reseller License – Mobi User App

Mobi User is the perfect platform to build high quality mobile ready sites in HTML5. This is a complete drag and drop editor to build then download the source code. You get full unlimited license to resell the full version to your clients.

Tons of different drag and drop elements to use including video, social, coupons, email, share and much more.

BONUS #3: Reseller License – Video Enigma

Video Enigma is a one stop website video engine that lets you build automated traffic direct from Youtube.

You can auto set comments, schedules, multi user subscription, categories and reports and much more.

Bonus #4: Reseller License – Soci Enigma

The one stop content creation and posting engine for the three top networks. Create, edit and schedule rich media content for the ultimate engagement with your audience.

Bonus #5: Personal License – GEO Marketer

Geo Marketer lets you specify which countries see certain elements on your sites. You can show different countries different messages. Just think of how powerful this would be for you. Say you would like to send everyone from a country who didn't have Paypal to a page that had a payment method that they could use…think of how much that would be worth to you. You can show different images to different countries all based on rules you set.

Bonus #6: Reseller License – Headline Zen Plugin

Headline zen is our brand new wordpress plugin that lets you split test headlines.

This is perfect for launching products or doing affiliate marketing we are also going to give you developers rights to this so you can install on clients sites.

Bonus #7: Reseller License – Lander Builder

Lander Builder is a complete drag and drop page builder complete with analytics and branded domains. This is a web application you get a personal license plus a resellers license.

Bonus #8: Reseller License – Social Vids

How do you get viewers of your content to engage and interact with your videos?


Pretty easy when you think about it BUT its a little bit harder than you think. You need a video editing suite, graphics, encoding software and more. It’s time consuming, costly and can take a understanding of video software.

So let me introduce you to Social Vids which will solve all of your issues and give you a quick and easy way to edit and make videos more engaging.

Bonus #9: Reseller License – Social Snips

Social Snips is our brand new overlay system that takes over from our best selling overlay software of 2015 called

  • Unlimited Overlay Campaigns – Create as many overlay campaigns as you wish
  • Unlimited Social Captures – Collect as many social leads as you want no limit
  • Pro Features Included – Because you are getting this as a early bird option you get all pro features included

Bonus #10: Reseller License – Social Leads

  • Social Leads is a platform that we have created to build leads from the social platforms that everyone uses.
  • This is the only tool that you will ever need to collect real email addresses. Forget giving away lead generation offers and getting fake emails in return. Social Leads delivers real people and real emails.
  • Using Social Leads increased our optin rate by over 87% everyone trusts Facebook, Twitter, Google, Youtube and Linkedin so they don't mind giving over their information.
  • This has many features that you will have never seen in this type of software before.
  • Connect any autoresponder and get the real email address of your prospect direct into your favourite autoresponder.
  • Set and forget and pick the most engaged leads up and deliver them direct to your favourite autoresponder.
  • Increase your conversions get more optins than you ever thought possible and increase your engagement and sales instantly.

Bonus #11: Software Biz in a Box

Bonus #12: Software Biz in a Box Sales Materials

Bonus #13: Online Success Model Training

Bonus #14: Reseller Box Master

Bonus #15: Build Your Audience

Bonus #16: Clipboard Spyware Defender

Bonus #17: Content Publishing Profits

Bonus #18: Email Domination

Bonus #19: Making Money With WordPress

Bonus #20: Modern Email Marketing And Segmentation

Bonus #21: Business Patron

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In Conclusion

As you've seen in this Affiliate Raid review, this is an easy and legitimate way for anyone – even those without experience – to build their lists on autopilot. Don't hesitate on this one, it's definitely worth it.


If you have any questions or comments regarding this Affiliate Raid review, please let me know and I'm happy to help! You can comment below or shoot me an email.

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