The way a product looks obviously has a huge impact on whether someone wants to buy it. And when online shopping is taken into account, how well the actual product matches the online image is vital too. If you want to make sure that your customers are impressed by your products, you need to take care when deciding what it looks like. Whether you’re currently developing a product, you want to improve an existing one, or you need to repackage a product manufactured by someone else, there are always things that you can do to improve the look and feel of your product.


You might be happy with the look of your products, but you need to present them in the right way too. Whether you sell online or you include photos of your products in various advertising material, you need to give an attractive but also an accurate image of each product. Balancing realistic expectations against aspirational imagery can be tricky. You don’t want to disappoint your customers, but you want to make sure your product looks good. Of course, your customers know that advertising, photography, and editing will change what your product looks like. They will understand if they don’t receive exactly what they see in photos, but only to a certain extent.

If you sell your products online only, product photography becomes even more important. There’s no way for your customers to look at your products in person before they purchase, so you need to convince they to buy when they can only look but not touch. Good photography is essential, and you need to consider your brand when you present your products. While some small business owners take their own product photographs, it’s often worth hiring a professional to do the job properly.

Custom Packaging for Your Brand

Product packaging plays a big role in the image of any product. The amount of packaging needed depends on the product. Some products need packaging to be sold – for example, you can’t sell a liquid or gel without it being in a container. However, other packages need very little packaging or even none at all. You don’t need to put a soft toy in a cardboard box or wrap it in plastic. One thing to consider is that if you don’t need packaging, it looks better for your brand if you don’t use it. People are becoming increasingly concerned about unnecessary packaging and the waste it produces. If you know that your customers are eco-conscious, try to keep your packaging as minimal as possible.

If you do need packaging for your product, you can get generic packaging solutions that might be suitable. However, custom packing solutions can help you to create something that works for your brand and allows you to keep your packaging to a minimum too. A custom packaging company can deliver packaging to your product specs, so you get exactly what you want. They can also help to make sure you meet any requirements by law or industry standards.

Improve Labels

It’s not just about the packaging you use, but also about how you label your products. Labels can range in size, material and how you attach them to a product. They can be paper or card, plastic or even foil. They might be attached by tags, as on clothing products, or you might use an adhesive. Labeling can make a huge difference, even when the label is only small. It’s a chance to show your branding and make your product look more professional. For example, if you buy wholesale clothes from China, removing the original labels and replacing them with your brand’s labels can immediately make your products look more professional.

Pack Up Well for Dispatch

Another type of packaging to consider is how you package your products when you send them to customers. If you sell your products online direct to consumers, you will be sending your products straight to their doors. You have control over what your products look like when they arrive, even if you outsource your distribution. Consider the most appropriate packaging for delivery, based on factors such as protecting your products and being eco-friendly. Think of your branding too – how can you use small touches to improve the branding of your packaging? You might have your logo printed on your boxes, or perhaps wrap your products in branded tissue paper held together with stickers with your logo on them. You can also include flyers for your brand in your packages.

Offer Different Color/Design Options

People like variety, so sometimes the best way to improve your product’s image is to offer some different variations. Some different colors or designs give your customers more choice and help you to appeal to more people. Not every product needs to have different variations, but for some products, looks are more important.

Create Product Videos

As well as using photos to show off your products, you should consider using video to show people your products too. It’s ideal if you sell online because you can show your customers a bit more of your products before they purchase. You can have product tours and tutorials, where you show everyone your product’s features or perhaps demonstrate some ways to use it.

Write About Your Product

If you want another way to produce content about your products, writing blog posts and other content is a good way to boost product image. Similarly to when you use video, you can produce things like tutorials or other helpful material that gives people more insight into your products. You can share images too, to break up the text and enhance your message in a more visual way. Written content is also excellent for SEO, and every brand should have a strong content marketing strategy if they want to promote their products and improve their brand image.

Improve your product image by thinking about what your customers are looking for. What will make them pick it up off a shelf, order online and feel happy with their purchase?



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