Leading by example is arguably one of the most honest and authentic ways to inspire your team. A leader is no good if they’re not capable of doing the work that they assign to their staff, and if they have no experience in the field then they’re not qualified to work in the industry. There are plenty of ways to lead by example, and it’s one of the qualities that makes a good leader. So in this article, we’re going to explain a couple of ways that you can lead your staff to a better future by becoming their role model in the workplace.

Understanding Flaws

Every business leader has flaws. It doesn’t matter how successful you think you are, a flaw is a flaw and you need to acknowledge it in order to work around it. Perhaps you need to recruit a marketing agency because your current marketing skills aren’t fit for the job, or maybe you need to hire a third party to help you finish some of the work you’ve started. In short, don’t just point out that your employees are unskilled or lack qualifications to get work done. Don’t blame them for something they didn’t sign up for or aren’t prepared for. Instead, acknowledge that there’s a gap in skill or knowledge that needs to be filled and either teach them those skills or hire someone to help fill the gap.

Creating Solutions, Not Problems

Many leaders, sadly, create more problems than they do solutions. When presented with a problem, they typically create problems by lacking the knowledge themselves to solve it, or pushing the problem onto those that aren’t qualified to make the decisions. When presented with a problem, it’s best if you don’t dwell on the issue and instead, become someone that offers practical solutions to solve the problem. With that single idea, you can then encourage your team to improve your solution, work out alternatives and together, solve the issue that your business is facing. This is one of the best ways to build teamwork and also lead by example.

Show Persistence

You never want to show defeat or weakness to your employees. If you want to develop a strong team that gets up and tries again whenever they’re knocked down a peg, then showing persistence is the best way to instil these qualities into them. For instance, if a website design failed to convert enough leads, then try again. Tell them that it was a good attempt, locate the issues and help them create something better using the data you were given. The more persistent you are in achieving your goals, the more inspired your staff will be to follow your example.

To keep things simple, you shouldn’t talk if you can’t talk. If you want your staff to work hard, then you’re going to need to show them examples of how they should work and behave in the workplace. Fail to do this, and that bond of trust that your employees inexplicably give for you when they’re first recruited will shatter and lead to an unproductive and potentially hostile working environment.

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