Branding is something every business out there does in its own way. You can market yourself online very effectively, with a reach unknown to the generations that came before us. You can also use word of mouth very effectively, considering recommendations from friends matters a lot more to the current shopping generation than ever before. But then comes in the idea of a networking event, and setting up a stall to represent your company. But are you ready to do this?

Have you got a marketing event coming up soon? Maybe you’ve got a business conference coming up in the next few months and you know it’s your best chance to make a good impression for your small business? Either way, now’s your chance to make sure you’re marketing yourself properly, and in the best way for your limited time and money as a startup. Here’s a couple of ideas to get you started.

Your target market will always be at the right convention for you, so make sure you’re branding yourself with them in mind.

Know Who You Can Collaborate with

If you’ve got a business event coming up soon, this is your chance to reach out and find out who is who in your industry. Influencers exist everywhere, and when you’ve got a brand deal to pitch, all ready to go on a quick schedule, you’re going to be more popular than ever with the people at the top of the chain who already have a following.

So set down your roots now and get to researching. You’re in the planning stage for your convention, deciding which staff to send and how long you should have a stall for, and whether or not your sales pitch is suitable enough for customers and investors alike. And if you have some endorsement from big names, which you can email around for right now, these other steps are going to be easier than ever to arrange for.

Have Something Interesting to Hand Out

We all have a business card ready to go to whoever looks amenable to take one, and because of that, we’re more likely to stick to this tried and tested method to try and increase our outreach. But often enough, simply having a business card on hand isn’t the best way to keep people interested – especially at a business convention where your competition is laid out right in front of you!

So you’re going to need other merchandise on your table to make sure you can garner interest in every corner of the market. You’re going to need pens, magnets, and maybe you should even design your sweatshirt for good measure! For the bigger items like this you could even add a price tag, but all in all, if you’ve got a wide range of items for someone to pick up, you’re going to draw hundreds of people over to you.

Branding yourself at a business convention doesn’t have to be hard – use tips like these too customise.




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