At this time, I am focusing exclusively on my passion project that I co-founded, WebinarKit. Read more below.

CoFounder: WebinarKit

Before cofounding WebinarKit, I used webinars to turn my online business around. I sold courses, offered coaching programs and agency services. Webinars took me from struggling to sell a single course or get a single student or client to acquiring as many as 10-20 course sales a day and as many as 10-15 coaching students in a month. They are the “secret sauce” for various types of businesses to stand out in a crowded space online, build authority and trust, and establish themselves as the “only logical option” to prospective clients or customers.

After using the existing webinar software out there, a colleague and close friend of mine and I decided that we could build something better, by people actually using webinars in their business. That’s when WebinarKit was born, and over 10,000 smart business owners have made the switch already.

We Offer Two Main Options Right Now

For automated webinars- scale your business without having to “go live” all the time. This is a game changer. We’re also offering one time pricing for a limited time.

For those that need to “go live” for sales or conferencing with teams, we even built out a powerful live tool perfect for conferencing and selling (with the same powerful sales tools built in as WebinarKit).

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