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One thing that the most successful entrepreneurs and online marketers have done is build a massive following. Once you have that massive following that loves you, you can sell to them. In our cases as marketers, we can build lists, run CPA, e-commerce and more. It all stems from having that home grown audience to tap into.

It’s usually hard to build this type of audience- especially if you’re working full time, or don’t have a lot of money/resources to spare.

Today, I’m investigating a new tool called Pindrill which basically automates your ability to grow that massive audience, doing work that would otherwise take you 10 hours a day. The creators claim that this will help you grow a massive following by pinning the RIGHT content automatically on your Pinterest as well as your other social media channels. (Yes, that’s all free traffic).

I reveal my findings as well as a sneak peek in this video. Pindrill itself becomes available on Tuesday, May 18th at 11AM Eastern.

>> Snag Pindrill + My 100K Visitors Traffic Plan Bonus Before There’s None Left <<


>> Snag Pindrill + My 100K Visitors Traffic Plan Bonus Before There’s None Left <<

Here’s a quick breakdown of what Pindrill is as well as the OTO’s (one time offers) that are optional but available for you to upgrade at time of snagging Pindrill.

Pindrill Traffic Automation Software

Pindrill is a special software that scrapes high quality content off a site and pin it automatically to your Pinterest profile, as well as many other social media accounts. You also have the ability to edit the pins to customize them anywhere you like from right within the software. Additionally, it has scheduling abilities for full automation, full built in tracking including conversion tracking and more. The real caveat here is you’ll be getting a TON of backlinks to whatever you’re trying to sell with this. You’ll be growing a massive audience in the process as well as growing your organic reach. The best part is it’s set and forget. This massive audience you’re building is perfect free traffic for ecom, CPA, list building, affiliate marketing and more.

OTO1: Viral Accelerator

This upgrade option is called the viral accelerator, which contains tools to help you grow your viral reach. (By viral, I mean just like the videos you hear about through your friends with a million views. When you go viral you get massive, massive traffic without paying). The package includes an infographics editor- so you can get tons of shares of high quality professional infographics like the big guys. It’s all drag and drop so you can skip the expensive designer fees once and for all. Additionally, you’ll get a video content curator. This will find the most viral videos and images and pin then to your social media channels. This means massive traffic for you. All in all, if you’re serious about building a huge audience to monetize from long term, this will help you.

OTO 2: DFY Infographics Monthly + Link Cloaker

This OTO is pretty good as well- though I like the first one better. This one’s still pretty cool if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands. They will deliver 10 high quality infographics to you on what’s super hot information every month, which you can then use Pindrill to just pin across all your channels. As someone who has to do this manually now with one of my sites, I see the value in having them do this for you. It’s also going to be a huge money saver in addition to time saver.

OTO 3: Agency/Team Rights

With this option, you can sell access to Pindrill as your own and add people under your own Pindrill agency. It sounds fancy- but its super simple and opens another income stream for you. Each person will have full rights to the software and you don’t have to spend thousands developing your own or worry about any support whatsoever. I always love when these rights are offered because it’s such a steal.

You also get a Chrome extension thrown in – Any image and any url can be scheduled from browser itself and can see what is the vitality scale of that image or content out of 10.

>> Snag Pindrill + My 100K Visitors Traffic Plan Bonus Before There’s None Left <<


I’m going to deliver a bonus package that is going to put your Pindrill results on steroids. It’s going to be a full Pinterest crash course revealing two ways I’ve been getting traffic and profits from Pinterest (one is free, and one is paid). This ties in perfectly to Pindrill, and will give you a big edge over those who get Pindrill through someone else and don’t get my bonus package. This will be limited to the first 100 people only. Yes, you’ll need to hurry grabbing Pindrill to get my Pinterest traffic bonus pack. I’m hoping to eventually get 100K visitors from Pinterest per month using the tactics I’m going to reveal to you in this bonus. I don’t want the word getting out TOO much so that’s why I’m limiting it to the first 100 people who snag Pindrill.

>> Snag Pindrill + My 100K Visitors Traffic Plan Bonus Before There’s None Left <<


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