We’ve mentioned business blogs in the past. They’re one of the main points of website reach in modern business. And, they’re an aspect you need to get your head around for success. Much like social media, getting on top here could see you building your company’s personality. Not only that, but an excellent blog also gives potential customers more incentive to visit your site. That, in turn, could lead to sales.


The trouble is, you’re a busy business person. What with managing a team and developing a product, you barely have time to think. A blog isn’t even on your radar. But, you wouldn’t believe how much difference it would make to your business. Much of the advice on this topic actually states this is a no-compromise issue.

With that in mind, then, you might want to entrust the task to a member of your team. That way, you can rest easy here without any extra effort. Understandably, though, you may be reluctant to loosen the reins on such a crucial issue. To put those fears at ease, consider the following low-hassle options for keeping content on the right track.

Use a general outline

By giving your resident blogger a general outline, you can rest easy that all blogs will look the way you want. Even better, this doesn’t have to be difficult. Something as simple as a word count and picture amount could make a huge difference here. You may also want to dictate things such as layout. Many blogs, for instance, opt for subtitled paragraphs to ensure easy reading. You can make decisions here by heading to the blogs of competitors and seeing what catches your eye. Once you’ve spent a little time here, pass your notes to your blogger to ensure every post meets those standards.

Give topic suggestions

If you want to keep your blog relevant to customers, it’s also worth giving some topic suggestions. You don’t have to go all out here. Something as simple as a sheet of keywords or focus areas at the start of each week should be enough. Your blogger can then use these are a platform to produce posts like the ones they know you want. This will make their job easier, as well as putting your mind at ease.

Check everything before uploading

It should also go without saying that you need to check everything before uploading. Of course, you don’t want to be overbearing. As such, you may want to look into programs like Google Docs or even Microsoft Cloud Services which will allow you to check your blogger’s work without disturbing them. This will give you a last minute chance to make alterations or suggest improvements.

Through this process, you’re sure to find that the two of you develop a similar vision. As such, the chances are that these edits will get less as time goes on. After a few months of working together, your blogger may even start producing precisely the content you’re after every time.




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