Case Study: $107+ In Less Than 24 Hours With 100% FREE Traffic

I love case studies. It means someone went out there and proved something works- and you see exactly how so you can copy it, learn from it and even use it as inspiration on new ways to get results.

Today, I’m reviewing a new case study in which a simple $107 was earned with free traffic in less than 24 hours. This could be very powerful. Traffic Titan hits the market on Tuesday, December 6th at 9AM EST.

Watch this video to see what I found about Traffic Titan and also catch a sneak peek of the member’s area:


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Here’s a quick overview of the product and OTO’s (optional upgrades) available to you when you snag Traffic Titan:

Traffic Titan

The main course shows you a way that the creator made $107 in 24 hours using completely free traffic. I asked the creator a few questions- namely if this is repeatable and works in any niche. He says yes, it’s repeatable and works in any niche. To me, this makes it a very valuable free traffic method for anyone to know. Without this knowledge you will miss out on a lot of traffic and profits.

OTO 1: 3 Real Life Case Studies

Case studies means the person went out and got results- and is showing you exactly how.  No theory, no conning. “Bam, here’s our results.” You now see it all, and can do what you want with it. So, to me, 3 more case studies showing additional ways to get more traffic and profits is totally worth it.

OTO 2: Advanced Traffic Training

If you want to learn more traffic methods, this is a good OTO. Sometimes we forget there’s a ton of different ways to get traffic, so with this you’ll be able to see what you’ve potentially been missing.

OTO 3: Reseller License, Private Coaching & Mastermind Group

This OTO is packed with triple value. It includes the ability to resell the Traffic Titan case study for 100% profits, includes private coaching on traffic and profits, and also a mastermind group. This is tremendous value for such a small price. While all these OTO’s are terrific, this is the best OTO in the bunch in my opinion.

The Verdict: Legit

Normally, courses selling this cheap (7 bucks) are total crap. However, this is a diamond in the rough and totally over-delivers on value. Overall, I believe that this product is a must-have. I think the OTO’s (optional upgrades) are worth it if you can afford them. The reason is that this product is based on proven methods vs. some theoretical crap like in most other courses. This is legit.

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My Custom Bonus Package

As usual, you know that I give the best bonuses packages compared to anyone who is promoting to you. The reason is I like to over-deliver for my audience. So if you snag Traffic Titan and any of the OTO’s through me you get the best bonuses AND the bonuses you get from others- if you get it through someone else, sadly you don’t get these additional custom bonuses.

For this launch, since the product is so good and so cheap, I went big. So, I created Stefan’s Traffic Bolt Bonus Package (this will be limited to the first 95 people who pick up Traffic Titan)

Special Custom Bonuses from me only:

Bonus #1) My Pinterest Ads Crash Course-See how to use Pinterest Ads. I personally obtained 200% ROI with Pinterest ads using these strategies.

Bonus #2) My 20 Cent Leads Case Study: See how I got 20 cent leads in a very popular niche using a very inexpensive but high quality traffic source.

Bonus #3) Elite Commission Machines course: See how we turned cents into dollars on repeat using Bing’s cheap clicks and banked easy affiliate commissions.

Additional bonuses you’re getting (same others are giving)

Honestly these additional bonuses the others are offering you kind of suck, but I’m including them so you don’t miss anything (in addition to my awesome bonuses I’m giving you).

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The whole package will be waiting for you in the Warrior Plus member’s area. Remember, this is limited to the first 95 people who snag Traffic Titan. Considering Traffic Titan is only 7 bucks, all these for free is tremendous value, as I intended.

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If you have any questions or comments, you can comment below or email me and I’ll be happy to help.



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