We’ve all heard it so many times before…traffic, the life blood of internet marketing.

Free traffic is known to be the slower of the traffics, but the truth is, there’s so many different methods out there. I like paid traffic, but in a way that I could pay very cheap prices per click. This allows me to test offers without blowing my traffic budget, and see what offers will convert.

Google Adwords used to be the way to get cheap, targeted clicks, but now clicks are super expensive and it’s super competitive to get clicks there. 

Facebook works great for cheap clicks if you have a retargeting list. If you simply target you can get some cheap clicks, but not necessarily tons. This model works but takes time to build up your retargeting audience.

I decided to start getting into Bing PPC (Pay Per Click) a few weeks ago, and see what damage I could do.

I was met with some initial issues like a hold being placed on my account. I was direct linking offers but had violated their new rule that your destination URL (the place people go when they click the ad) and the display URL (the link they actually see on the ad) had to be from the same domain.


Example (Acceptable)

Destination URL: http://www.domain1.com/page

Display URL: http://www.domain1.com/


Example (Unacceptable)

Destination URL: http://www.domain1.com

Display URL: http://www.otherdomain.com


So once I fixed that, I started running a campaign. I brought in a ton of keywords using Google’s keyword planner tool, for a Clickbank offer in a desperate buyer market (weight loss), and a high gravity.

I did research on ad copy for similar offers that people were running ads on google for. I created 5 ad variations for split testing.

I set all keywords (800 total) to an initial bid of 0.07 cents. Then I sat back, waited and observed.

One ad had a CTR of around 1.2% while the others were all under 0.3%. I paused all the ads except for the clear winner, and played around with the keywords, increasing bids for keywords with a higher CTR.

And I ended up with, just under 50 clicks of targeted traffic for 11 cents each! 

Super cheat clicks with Bing

The offer has not converted yet, but the payout is close to 40 dollars. I will keep running the campaign as well as start running many more to see what converts.

In addition to Clickbank desperate buyer offers, I’m now going to expand out to high payout PPL (Pay Per Lead) offers. From previous experience, it’s much easier to get paid with these so I’m excited to try them against Bing’s ultra targeted traffic. I’m already a member of Cash Network and Max Bounty, so will search offers on there and see what I come up with. I’ve also applied to a few more CPA networks.

I will keep everyone updated! 





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    • Ramzi Abdalla

      hi stefan, yes i did see your post in chris groves fb group. thanks for the updates on your blog. great stuff.

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