A few days ago, I posted a case study about cheap, targeted clicks I was receiving via Bing Ads (Pay Per Click). You can see the original Case Study Here

I’m back now to update you on my progress, which is that I’ve now seen conversions on one of the Clickbank offers I was running ads to! This is my first conversion with Clickbank using Bing PPC, and reminds me a bit of the time I earned my first dollar online. When you try a new method and are determined to succeed with it, it’s always a great feeling when you make your first few bucks with it.

So What Did I Do?

At the time, I had spent around $14 and generated around 140 clicks. As you can see below, I still have the campaign running, and it’s up to $16.74 ad spend at the time I’m writing this. I will ride it out and see just how much revenue I can generate with it. Below the clicks image, you can see the $69.39 I generated spending around $14. Pretty remarkable, eh?


New Clicks





My Plans for this Campaign Moving Forward

My plan is to keep this campaign running. I have been going into the keywords that have a high CTR (Click through rate) and upping the bids for those. The keywords that are performing well, I’ve upped the bid to as high as 16 cents.

The advanced method for this is to provide different tracking links per keyword, so you can see which keywords converted. 

Other options I may try is duplicate this same winning set of keywords to run CPA offers in the same niche, or send to a squeeze page to build the list. However, for now I’m getting my feet wet with other campaigns and trying different niches.

If you haven’t started yet and want to get going with this method, join me! You can ask me questions along the way, either email me or leave a comment below 🙂

Let’s crush this together!




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