To make sure your blog ranks high on the search engines, there are several steps you need to take. It can be a brilliant blog, but if no one knows about it, very few people will visit your site. Technology has made it very easy for the likes of Google to find which blogs are the most interesting and which ones will attract most viewers.

Keep It A Reasonable Length

Don’t make each blog post too long as viewers will get fed up before they reach the end. It needs to be informative, but remember that people love stories and they enjoy humor. Keep it light-hearted if you can, but only if the subject allows you to.

SEO is Important

Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial for a blog to be successful. Choose your keywords with care and then make sure they are in the main title as well as in at least one subheading too.  Do not overdo it with the number of times they appear, as Google does not like that either. 4 or 5 appearances in a 500-word blog is about the figure to aim for.

Some people seek professional help with this because it is so vital, and if you are wondering ‘is there an advertising agency near me’, you may find a very good one if you look. Local SEO agencies tend to be good because they know how to get local as well as national and international interest for your blog.

Have Catchy Titles

Your titles need to be catchy so that they attract attention.  Smart titles will get more clicks and more viewers, which is what you need to climb up the search engine rankings. Something that triggers an emotion, whether that is sadness or laughter is great, or anything that just makes the viewer want to read more. As long as your title is compelling and attention-grabbing, viewers will click through to your blog.

Keep Your Meta Short And Interesting

You have to remember that the meta that is shown below your title in the ranking has a very limited length. If it is too long the end will be missed off and then it might not make much sense. Keep it with the prescribed length, think carefully about what you say and make sure you include your keywords in your meta description.

Treat it as though it is an advert in the search results, but remember it will not always be the piece that Google shows. If there is something within the blog that Google thinks suits the query better, it will show that rather than your meta.

Does Your Blog Work On All Devices?

Your blog could be losing a lot of traffic if it is not responsive on all devices. It should not matter if it is viewed on a PC or a smartphone, the viewer should see the same regardless. Google’s mobile-first index means this should be a priority.

Utilize Images

It appears that many viewers start their searches by looking at Google images, and having great ones on your site can send a whole lot of extra traffic to it. A survey showed that some people prefer to start their search this way as it seems easier, and you get less results.

There is not one of these steps mentioned that will be enough on its own to drive your blog to the top of the rankings. You need to do them all to be one the first couple of pages that viewers look at.



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