Your goal is to get traffic and make money- right?

These days one of the easiest ways to get as much traffic as you want is to collect leads and build a list. Free, on demand traffic whenever you want comes from that list.

The problem is, the ways of collecting these leads, like traditional popups on pages, do not work the same. They just annoy people.

So today I am introducing a solution that lets you easily collect leads with a new special type of popup the top guys are using. So you can get traffic, leads and profits much more easily.


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WP Ultrapop

WP Ultrapop is a new wordpress plugin that puts a popup on any wordpress site which attracts visitors and leads for your list in a way that is non-invasive unlike all other popups which visitors hate seeing.

It has a ton of amazing features to let you put videos, images, call to actions, buy buttons, banners and headlines on it. It also integrates with Dropmock, Youzign and DesignerPro2.

OTO 1: Pro Version

In the pro version you can apply the same popups on any other website such as wikipedia, foxnews etc
You can put your popup over their web site and send those links around, utilizing thier content.
It doesn’t needs to be your page, you can grab anyone’s page.
Plus they have an additional layer that you can apply there which will allow you to display an additional image on the popup.
You also get unlimited developer rights as a bonus for free in this upgrade, meaning you can charge to install WP Fresh Pop .

OTO 2: Reseller Rights

You will have the rights to resell this software as your own and keep 100% of the profits, without having to hire a development team, spend months coming up with your own concept, testing, and spending tens of thousands of dollars on development. You can sell WP Ultrapop as your own product and keep all the profits, without any of the associated work.

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The Verdict

This popup plugin allows you to collect leads to get more traffic and profits in a way that is not possible with traditional popups. This is great. It’s like a super ultra-efficient machine.

The problem I see is that it does not show you how to “feed the machine” i.e. get the initial traffic that it turns into higher long term leads and profits for you.

So the first 75 people who grab my epic bonus pack…which solves this problem and gives you a MAJOR advantage.


WP Ultra Pop will get a special Triple Traffic Threat bonus, including three FREE ways to get traffic to your WP Ultra Pop setup (how to feed the machine). Others who grab WP Ultra Pop will not be able to get these advantages.

Bonus #1: Instagram Traffic Method: How to get Instagram traffic for free to your WP Ultra Pop and anywhere else you want.

Bonus #2: Twitter Traffic Method: How to get Twitter traffic for free to your WP Ultra Pop and anywhere else you want.

Bonus #3: Newbie Traffic Formula: How to get Facebook traffic for free to your WP Ultra Pop and anywhere else you want.

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Any questions or comments, you can email me, or post below 🙂



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