El Bandito Review

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Is everything in El Bandito as good as they say? Find out in my El Bandito Review.

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate, easy way to start building an online income.

In fact, it doesn’t have any of the usual startup costs that many other businesses have. You don’t need a product, you don’t need much of anything.

The only thing you really need to know is how to properly promote products as an affiliate.

In El Bandito, Brendan Mace,  Jono Armstrong and Anthony Mancuso are releasing Anthony’s affiliate marketing case study where he was able to make $2,325.45 in just one hour’s work.

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Obviously this sounds hard, but Anthony wanted to create a course based off his results to show others exactly what steps he took to get these results.

In my El Bandito review, you’ll see what this is really about, what I like and don’t like, as well as what you can expect to see from the optional upgrades (OTO’s).

What struck me as really interesting about the El Bandito method is that it doesn’t involve any experience or expertise, and anyone can do it.

Additionally, they reveal their exact unique traffic method inside the course so that you have everything you need on WHERE you will be getting the traffic from while promoting your affiliate campaigns.

The main difference between what Anthony does and what everyone else does is in the way he sets up his campaigns. And it’s some simple tweaks that aren’t hard to do, yet help anyone, even newbies, start seeing results very quickly.el-bandito-review-4

>> Grab El Bandito And All My Bonuses Here <<

Everything is broken down step by step, and yes, he has been able to get these results without a big list and without constantly having to launch products.

So that’s the scoop. Let me quickly break down what the main product is and includes, as well as the optional upgrades (OTO’s):

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>> Grab El Bandito And All My Bonuses Here <<

El Bandito Review – Product details (watch video for more details)



El Bandito Main Product

El Bandito is a video training and case study on how Anthony Mancuso is able to make big profits with a small list.

OTO 1: Bandito Funnels

You hate doing work. The training course shows you how to do it yourself. This upgrade has Anthony do it for you.

OTO 2: Limitless Traffic

This is a special deal with limited spots. They are going to allow you to siphon virtually unlimited traffic off of Brendan, Jono and Anthony’s launches. How? With a special tracking pixel you can put on their sales page!

OTO 3: Lifetime Campaigns

So far they have gone and shown you how to get traffic on demand. This upgrade shows you how to maximize the money you make from El Bandito Funnels.

OTO 4: License Rights
You will be able to promote for 100% Commissions on the entire funnel of el Bandito and all OTO’s with this upgrade.

The Verdict

  • The sales page is very hypey. Since the product is based on real case study results and I know that they really did get these results, I am still happy to recommend this to you. Though generally I am not a fan of these types of hypey sales copy. Since the product still works great, this doesn’t affect you in any negative way. More of a pet peeve of mine.
  • I like that the case study results are showing you exactly what simple steps you can take to get your own results if you put in the work. I also like that the traffic sources don’t involve launching! So you can get started bringing in affiliate commissions without having to launch a product.
  • I am going to be making things even easier for you with my additional bonus pack (I’m known to always give out the best bonuses! This launch will be no different).

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My Additional Bonuses For You

I am including an additional (epic) bonus pack for you when you go through me in purchasing El Bandito through this El Bandito review.

Limited Time Bonus Added: For a limited time, in addition to the 5 bonuses below, you’ll also get a special never before seen training I made of how you can 10x your results with the Bandito method. This is only for the first 80 action takers.

Bonus #1: 10K Case Study: Watch as a trusted marketing partner banks $10,000 using a unique method that you can then go and implement for yourself and see what results you get.
Bonus #2: $2,000 in 20 Minutes Case Study: See how another marketing partner was able to make $2,000 using FB in only 20 minutes.
Bonus #3: Free Traffic Frenzy: Get even faster results without paying for traffic using free traffic frenzy.
Bonus #4: Solo Ad Escape: This product will show you how to get traffic without relying on solo ads anymore. Very powerful and you can start impementing it immediately.
Bonus #5: Ultimate Traffic Mantra: Another unique traffic method that you can start using right away to drive traffic to your affiliate offers.

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In Conclusion

As you’ll have seen as you went through my El Bandito review, I find that while the sales page may be hypey, the product is a great, legitimate, easy way for someone to get traffic and profit with affiliate offers relatively quickly and easily… without any experience. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to be able to build passive affiliate commissions without having to launch products.


If you have any questions or comments, please let me know and I will be happy to help! You can comment below or email me.






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