In most cases, your company website’s homepage is the first thing potential clients see. A well-designed homepage can create leads instantly by having a clear message and a strong sense of credibility. A poorly designed homepage meanwhile could have people hitting the back button before it’s even finished fully loading. Here are just a few hacks to create an attractive and engaging homepage.

Keep text short and snappy

You should be able to describe your company’s role and unique selling point in no more than three sentences. Large walls of text will put off many visitors looking for quick information. Make sure that on top of being concise, you’re using layman’s terms. Describing your recruitment agency as a human resources procurement company won’t make you seem more professional – it will just come across confusing and pretentious and will most likely put people off.

Use big images

Images can help to immediately communicate your message to visitors. Make these images big – your homepage should feel like a billboard, as this immediately grabs people. Make sure you’re not using generic stock images and ensure that the resolution is correct so that there isn’t any stretching or distortion. Text over the image also needs to still be readable so bear this in mind.

Embed a video

You can also grab people’s attention by adding a video to your homepage – this could be an introduction to your company to help describe what it is that you do. Videos can offer more than words in a more engaging way. There are plenty of video marketing companies out there such as this one that can help produce a professional video advert for you. Alternatively, you could create a video yourself if you feel you have the ability.

Advertise deals and discounts

Deals and discounts can further help to lure people in. Everyone wants to save money and by giving people this opportunity you could immediately grab people’s interests, even if they weren’t certain they wanted the service in the first place.

Shout about your achievements

Customers like to know that they can trust a company to deliver. Shouting about your achievements can help to reinforce your credibility. You could add some testimonial quotes from past happy clients or you could mention an award that you’ve won – anything that shows people you’ve achieved things in the past.

Be careful with plug-ins and pop-ups

Too many plug-ins and pop-ups could cause your homepage to load slowly – those without the patience won’t stay around. Try to keep the design clutter-free so that it doesn’t feel like an assault on the sense. As for pop-ups, try to not to use these too liberally. If someone’s trying to read the information on your homepage and chat-boxes, adverts and mailing list invites keep getting in the way, they may get so frustrated that they give up. Sites like offer information on the best pop-ups to use.



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