WP Fresh Start is not your typical online marketing product you’re used to hearing about.

It’s not advertising itself as some overhyped solution for instant traffic and riches.

What it is, is a quality tool that saves you massive time. It lets you automate tasks that take forever, and is a must have for anyone with a WordPress site.

This this is the 4th version of WP Fresh Start. This is great, because it means they believe in the product and are constantly maintaining and upgrading it, unlike most of the crap you are told to buy on JVZoo.

So what exactly is WP freshstart?

It’s a plugin that lets you do hours of work in minutes…necessary for anyone starting a WordPress site. This includes:

-Delete default posts and pages

-Create standard pages like contact, about, legal disclaimers, etc.

-Change permalink formats for SEO- friendly links

-More tedious tasks that can waste a lot of your previous time.

-Automatically delete spam comments (I needed this for my dog niche site badly!)

-Automatically restart your WordPress site to declutter it and make it much faster

The Verdict

All in all, this plugin is fast, regularly supported, and does everything it says it does. If you use WordPress or plan to use it at any time, this plugin is a must have to save time and regularly maintain your blog in a few clicks. On my dog site, it saved me so much time.

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Having a WordPress site that is maintained with a few clicks is awesome. For my bonus, I plan to give you the best possible thing- items that show you ideas of what to do with your WordPress site to get traffic and make money 🙂 Combine this with WP FreshStart and you will be unstoppable.

This will be for the first 60 people only who pick up WP Freshstart

  1. Growii- my best selling course that lets you plant tiny seeds that grow into massive ROI. This is wordpress-site based and one fo the best methods to get rapid traffic and passive profits fast in any niche.
  2. Printly- this shows you another easy and passive method for making thousands per month with a WordPress site passively. And now with WP Freshstart it will be even easier for oyu.
  3. $33,000 Case Study- this is a method I showed a partner who went on to do 33,000 in under 2 months following it using a WordPress site. This is another super easy way to profit with WordPress.

Hiring someone to do what WP Freshstart for you every time you needed it could cost thousands. With this plugin, you own it for life and use it unlimited times on all your sites. It only makes sense to spend the few dollars now to save money in the long run.

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