In the month of March 2017, I was able to get 156,815 visitors for free to one of my web sites.


This was accomplished without the need for any paid traffic or any search engine optimization.

It was actually accomplished through free social media traffic from a site called Pinterest. Here’s a video that details more about how this was done:


You may have heard of Pinterest, and assumed it was just some sort of recipe sharing site as most people do when you mention it.

However, the truth is that Pinterest provides very large traffic opportunities across many different niches.

Pinterest involves having a bunch of boards of stuff you like, and “pinning” stuff to the board. For example, a board can be titled “Flowers” and filled with pins of anything flower related.

Most people don’t do Pinterest right, though. Most people just build their following and post to their personal profile, hoping their followers will see things and click on them.

This works and you’ll definitely get some traffic from here. However, this is not where the massive traffic comes from.

The massive traffic actually comes from posting into Group Boards.

Group Boards are boards that instead of just the owners of the board being the one pinning to it, others can be invited to pin as well.

Some group boards have over a million people! This presents a huge traffic opportunity for anyone who is pinning into these group boards. Imagine an instant reach of a million people in your niche, from just one group board (you can join hundreds).

So this is what I have been doing, pinning relevant content linking directly to my site into as many group boards as I can.

The result? All these visitors for free on autopilot.

So here’s how you can start doing this:

  • Have a post you want to get traffic to
  • Pin it into group boards
  • Traffic will start flowing to your site from people who see that pin and click it

That’s the way it works in a nutshell. You’ll have to have a web site with content that you want the traffic to go to and a Pinterest account where you’ve been accepted to group boards.

But, that’s the secret. The beauty is you can use this traffic for what you need it for..

This was really powerful for me because it meant I didn’t need to rely on paid traffic or SEO. I still work on those as well, but being able to get all this traffic for free has been very liberating and has helped my business be more profitable and more powerful.

Since I wanted to automate this pinning into group boards and growing my following, I had a software built that did it all for me. I’ll add some more details about that tomorrow.

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