Everyone, regardless of their current situation, would love to spend a couple of minutes profiting $70 – $90 a sale over and over again. Especially if they don’t need to front any money. That means no risk.

So today, I’m going to tell you about a product that shows you how to do this. This is an arbitrage¬†opportunity product. You simply hook up the buyers that want these products all day long with products you get cheaper than anyone else.

Here’s a quick video going into details of how this works:

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12 Hour Arbitrage

12 Hour Arbitrage is a brand new training that is not like regular e-commerce. This is a new system that James has been using to make $70-$90 profit per sale on repeat, and you can make your first $70-$90 in just 12 hours, then keep repeating the process. This does NOT involve China, or any difficult low margin sales. These are smooth mid ticket profit sales. You’ll be able to get in on this, which no one else is teaching right now. Not only that, but they show you how to get the products for way cheaper than anyone else, so when you sell, you can price lower and snatch up all sales.

OTO 1: Advanced + Done-For-You Upgrade

This is a special package for those who are serious about wanting to start earning big with this, with the least about of work. You get brand new paid ads training, new resource to sell products training (additional platform, more money) and a way to get thousands of other products not in the main course, plus a done for you list of top 10 ready to go products. This is a truly excellent OTO and I think this is the best possible one to pick up.

OTO 2: Exclusive Live “Event” Coaching

This is a special exclusive live online event, where Jay and James will be live on call to give you exclusive strategies and tips outside the main program to help boost your results, and also hold your hand through any issues you may be finding yourself facing. This is a great OTO if you want hand holding and personal help at an affordable price, as well as new tips.

The Verdict:

I have to really hand it to Jay and James. This is truly a unique strategy to get products for way cheaper than anyone else, list them up and make easy arbitrage profits. Anyone who wants to start earning $90+ commissions with just their internet connection is going to love this. Plus they have real proof that it is working for them and include a real case study in the main course.

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To be honest, I’m making a bold move and saying NO bonuses on this one. It’s such a simple method and perfect just the way it is, no need to supplement it. I want you to go through it today and start implementing so you can have your first couple of $90 sales by tomorrow.


If you have any questions or comments, I am happy to help! Email me or comment below.

Here’s just one simple profit that took only a few minutes:


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