Trying to get people to buy stuff can be a huge headache, especially if you’re still trying to get your online income going. What if it were possible to earn without even selling anything?

It is, with CPA (cost per action marketing). You simply get a link that when traffic goes to it, you get paid even if they don’t buy anything. In fact you can post a few simple ads on a very high converting platform for $5-$10 each and profit as much as $100+/day like they are doing, as shown in this video for their new product teaching their method, Slick CPA Profits:

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Slick CPA Profits

This is a step by step video course showing how to get simple autopilot campaigns running for $5-$10 per day that can bring as much as $100+ a day each. You can set up as many as you like. This is like affiliate marketing but better, because you don’t even need to sell anything. This is the power of CPA (Cost per action marketing). It works similarly to affiliate marketing in that you get a link, but you get paid from that link even if no one buys anything,


This is advanced training and case studies showing you additional ways to boost your revenue, and advanced training specifically on this method. This will help you scale up and take things to the next level.


This is a done for you pack that will help you save time with the main method. It will put pieces of the puzzle together for you, including research, templates, etc. so you can start running your campaigns fast without as much effort.


This is a re-sellers license to Slick CPA Profits. So once you have profits coming in from using the method, if people ask you “how are you doing this”, you can resell Slick CPA Profits to them and keep 100% of the profits. Doesn’t get any easier than that, right?


This is one on one coaching with Pallab. You will get three full sessions with him, and he will guide you all the way through setting up your money making CPA campaigns.

The Verdict

At the end of the day, case studies are the best thing. It means they went out in the trenches to use the method, and it works. When you buy a method from someone who only profits from selling courses, you can rest assured it usually doesn’t work…sad. The vendor, Pallab, does this every day and obviously because it works. Now you can tap into this too, one of the easiest to scale profits without even selling anything. Definitely gets my two thumbs up.

>> Grab Slick CPA Profits and All Bonuses Here <<

(Goes live 9AM EST on Tuesday August 22nd)


I have put together a special bonus pack to really supercharge your results with the main course, for the first 100 people only to grab Slick CPA Profits:

  1. CPA Ads Academy: This supercharges the main course and helps you build on the concept to scale your profits much faster. You will see how to use a very cheap, high converting traffic source for easy CPA profits that is not Facebook or Google. (Unique, from me)
  2. Newbie Traffic Formula: A course I co-launched that shows you how to get leads for very cheap from FB. This will go very well with the main course. (Unique, from me)
  3. Affiliate Traffic Masterclass: A masterclass of different working traffic methods to help you get the traffic faucets turned on fast, ensuring you start getting results. (Unique, from me)
  4. Private mastermind group by Art Flair
  5. Auto-writing description software for ads from Art Flair
  6. Additional bonus case study by Art Flair


As always if you have any questions or comments, you can write below or email me 🙂

>> Grab Slick CPA Profits and All Bonuses Here <<

(Goes live 9AM EST on Tuesday August 22nd)



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