If you want to spend 30 minutes a day and use cheap mobile traffic to reach over $100 per day passively, then you’re on the right page 🙂 This is fresh and new, and the proof is very impressive. Watch my short video for all the details.

Snag Mobile Traffic Academy + All My Bonuses Here

(Goes live 10AM EST on Sunday September 3rd)

Mobile Traffic Academy is a comprehensive training program that goes into detail about how to set up profitable mobile campaigns by sending ultra targeted and cheap traffic to high converting “1-Click” carrier billing offers and APP downloads.

You can get started with this proven method with just $5 capital and and get thousands of visitors from mobile carrier networks for fractions of pennies.

This method works so well because there is absolutely NO selling involved whatsoever ever!

Here’s how it works…

  1. Send thousands of visitors to our offers pages from precisely targeted mobile phone carrier networks around the world
  2. Visitors then see your irresistible offers and they only have to click “ONCE” to confirm subscription
  3. You then get paid commissions instantly into our accounts
  4. The visitor gets billed DIRECTLY by their own mobile phone network and everyone is happy
  5. No credit card, No email address, No selling required.

Snag Mobile Traffic Academy + All My Bonuses Here

(Goes live 10AM EST on Sunday September 3rd)


OTO 1: Mobile Traffic Academy Pro

This product is Done For You Research, Offers, Campaign Data and high converting landing pages for the best performing Mobile Marketing campaigns that they recommend to get started with our traffic sources.

You will get access to campaign data from 10 proven campaigns that are working right now in the market place, which you can model and use in their own campaigns for huge success.

To get access to this information and put this together yourself, it would either take countless hours of manual spying on their competition to see what is working or you would have to spend money on expensive spy tools, which can costs upwards of $300/m.

OTO 2: Mobile Ads Academy Platinum

This product is an advanced training series that completely compliments the FE and will help turn your profits onto a higher level.

Inside you get:

-How to set up tracking like a pro and squeeze more ROI out of every single click
-How to run “Set & Forget” campaigns that Auto-Optimize themselves and become profitable without any further work
-How to rip successful landing pages in less than 10 seconds flat, modify them and use them yourself
-How to get paid for sending traffic to just one unique “SmartLink”
-How set up tracking like a pro

Snag Mobile Traffic Academy + All My Bonuses Here

(Goes live 10AM EST on Sunday September 3rd)

The Verdict

This is an amazing case study course that shows how you can drive traffic to simple mobile offers and make thousands per month doing it. I approve of this because this is something Marcus is actually doing so he knows what he is talking about. You can be up and running today and getting traffic and income as soon as you go through the training.


I am including a very special bonus package for you on this one for the first 100 people only who grab Mobile Traffic Academy. These are all quality products sold for money based on real results, zero of these bonuses are PLR.

  1. CPA Ads Academy
  2. CPA List Loophole
  3. Penny Traffic Cash Surge
  4. Rapid Traffic Masterclass
  5. Newbie Traffic Formula

Snag Mobile Traffic Academy + All My Bonuses Here

(Goes live 10AM EST on Sunday September 3rd)



If you have any questions or comments, you can contact me at any time 🙂

Case Study Results With Method.

Here are some of the results earned with the method:




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