Business events come in all shapes and sizes, but they tend to have one thing in common; marketing your business and extending its visibility. That’s why people make such a fuss about it, putting up all those banners, and sending you all of those newsletters about the big events. They just want to make sure that you know about it.

If your company is due for a business event, it’s a good idea to read up on how you too can gain that visibility and make sure that people actually show up for it.

Here is a handful of tips on how you can do exactly this so that your event is as successful as possible.

First: Utilize social media

The size of your company doesn’t really matter; social media marketing is almost for free and it’s a great way of connecting with existing customers as well as new ones. You probably know this by now, though, but it’s important to keep it in mind for when you’re mapping out that marketing strategy for your business event.

Let people know about it in a casual way and take advantage of all those platforms. Create a fitting hashtag so that your network can keep track of the event and find you with ease, keep them up to date with some tweets, and remember to find the best possible scheduling time for those posts. It just makes it a lot easier to reach as many as possible.

Those newsletters are also a great way of keeping people up to date and letting them know about the event, but make sure that they are consistent with your brand to avoid confusion. Have a look at to learn more about why it’s so important.

Consider paid ads

Even though social media is for free, you should still consider investing a bit in those paid ads. Most of your social media platforms will offer this and you’ll be able to extend your reach significantly – which again, of course, results in a more successful marketing event.

Paid ads can tell you anything you want to know about your audience and it will save you a lot of time and effort. All of this may even pay off when the event is already over, by the way, so you’re not just investing in the near future.

Try to team up with some social media influencers as well as event organizers, by the way, while you’re at it. Look into other events that are similar to yours and collaborate with them – even if they are your competitors. Read more about it on to learn the tricks. As long as you’re able to look out for each other, it doesn’t really matter.

With all the time and effort we put into those business events, it’s no wonder we worry about the number of people showing up. Put some extra effort into the marketing aspect of it this time, however, and feel a bit more confident.



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