It’s becoming harder and harder to stand out these days…especially when so many people are looking for traffic’s attention. Here’s one way you can really stand out with no extra work, while maximizing ROI and optins in the process:

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Engagr uses the power of engagement to take any visitor by the hand and converts them to a customer. By giving your visitor the control over your page, it makes them feel empowered. It’s today’s alternative to crowded web pages that don’t perform. This leads to highest maximum ROI, most leads obtained and really standing out from the competition.

OTO 1: Engagr Pro

More features to take the main product to the next level.

OTO 2: Engagr 100% Resell Rights

Be able to keep 100% of the profits for Engagr without needing to spend $10,000+ and numerous months having your own software developed.

The Verdict

This software is very easy to use and lets you install a tool to any page that can dramatically increase sales and people on your email list. This works great for blogs, landing pages, and posts. You will be maximizing your income by doing this and even be able to have a powerful weapon that can even help you profit with paid traffic. Since its a one time fee you get the benefits to use this forever without paying a monthly fee when you act now.

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Amazing bonus pack for you on this one. First 75 people ONLY will get these.

  1. Social Suite Pro with Developer Rights: The Simplest Way to Sell Anything Online. Create Incredibly Profitable Social Pages in Under 60 SECONDS – Reduce Ad Costs and Increase Conversions in ANY Niche…
  2. WP Viral Click with 100% Reseller Rights: Secret, Plug-and-Play WP Plugin Will Unleash An Unstoppable Tsunami Of Visitors Straight To Your Blog And The Best Part Is That You Only Need A Few Clicks Of Your Mouse To Generate This Kind Of Insane Traffic!WP Viral Click is a WordPress plugin built to help you automatically generate contents for your site from an external web page.
  3. Turbo GIF Animator: 

    Make Animated Images in Less Than a Minute!

    If you are digital marketer, chances are you may already had use graphics in promoting your products or services online.

    The thing is that, one of the best type of images that engage more viewers in social media is the images that are moving or simply an animated images in GIF format.

  4. Youtube Channel Income:

    With over a billion unique Youtube visitors per month, Youtube is one of the most visited and largest websites in the world.

    Also, it’s one of the easiest platforms to get a huge amount of traffic.

    These well researched and up-to-date content will show you :

    How to set up a Youtube Channel Step by Step

    How to start and run a New and successful YouTube Channel

    How to promote Merchandise on Your Youtube Channel

    What are the latest Youtube Marketing Trends in 2017

  5. Marketing Mastery Online Exclusive

    Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Using Videos Online!

    Changing technologies have sourced paradigm shifts in the way companies used to do their business. Gone are the days when print media, radio and television were considered the only ways of reaching the masses.

  6. Flashing Order Buttons Pro

    Easily Create Eye Catching Buttons That Grab Your Buyers Attention!

    What is traffic if they won’t convert right? There are many factors why your audience won’t
    buy from what you offer from your website.

    And few of those factors is that your website might be ugly or not professionally created, not good product presentation, or simply your call to action button feature don’t catch your audience’s eyes.

  7. WP Video Attention

    New Powerful, Easy-to-use WordPress Plugin Allows You To Virtually Stop Your Visitors In Their Tracks And Get Them Instantly ENGAGED With Your Videos … So That You Can Keep Them On Your Website And Make More Money!

    WP Video Attention is a plugin that allows you to clip your video and serves as a widget to any corner on your page. This allows your videos to VISIBLY continue playing when a user scrolls down a page, so they are still able to see the video and not only hear it.

  8. Website Pouch Pro

    Easily Hide Any Content Or Banners Within Your Website With Just One Easy Click!

    Every internet marketers and online business owners want to have lots of traffic to their website. But the thing is that, what if your offer will just get ignore. Well, this has been one of the major problems for many online entrepreneurs,
    bloggers and publishers.

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