Every company has its weaknesses. Whilst you may not want to admit these weaknesses to your customers, you should at least admit them to yourself – by realising the things your company isn’t good at, you can work on ironing out these flaws. Here are just a few ways in which you may be able to overcome your company faults.

Identify your weaknesses

First, you need to know what your weaknesses are. You may know in yourself the things which you aren’t very good at whether its marketing or handling your finances. Alternatively, you may need to collect some customer feedback to find out what your flaws are – the likes of Survey Monkey could help when collecting this feedback, as could online reviews. You can also take a look at hard data to work out your flaws such as marketing report stats or financial report stats to see where you regular failings are.

Educate yourself

A great way to overcome a weakness is to force yourself to become an expert in that area. Only until you have the knowledge can you stop making mistakes. There are so many ways to educate yourself in business. You could try hiring advisors to help give your personalised business advice. Alternatively, you could take a course or attend some workshops. You could even try some online webinars and training resources – the likes of this Legendary Marketer review offer information on such services. Many of us aren’t passionate about are weaknesses and so educating yourself could be difficult. You could also pay for any employees you have to get educated too if you think it could be relevant to them and beneficial.

Outsource and delegate

Rather than working on your weaknesses to improve them, you could simply leave them to someone else to take care of. This could include an outsourcing another company or hiring a full time employee. A good example could include accounting – if this is a task you’re no good at, you could try outsourcing an accountant to take care of your books or you could hire an in-house employee with accounting experience. By letting other capable people manage your weaknesses for you, you can focus your energy into honing your strengths instead, whilst still ensuring that the problem is tackled.

Turn your weaknesses into strengths

A weakness can sometimes also be a strength in disguise. If you’re unable to compete with prices in your area, stop trying to compete and start rebranding yourself as a premium luxury service. If you own a shop out of town, start taking advantage of your location and the fact that you have few competitors by making yourself well known in your local area. Not all weaknesses can be turned into strengths but most of them can.




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