One day we will have such good robots, that they will behave just like a human being without us recognizing that they are a machine. Machine learning implemented in the way that Google voice recognition is achieving, is going to be the future. You can speak to a software and not know that you are not speaking to a human being on the other end of a phone call. That for many, is one of the most remarkable things about the near future because the human and machine lines are being blurred. So, with regards to marketing does this mean that the old in-person marketing approach is old hat? Many would agree that you might want to pour your resources into purely digital marketing from now on and wave goodbye to the real-world end of things. Well, this could be a classic example of how business is not recognizing that human beings will always be human beings when it comes to business. Being able to win the trust of customers face to face is still incredibly important.


A personal touch

What is the power of a unique human touch? Let’s be honest it’s usually going to factor in the emotional department for most people. One way you can connect with your clients and customers better is to write handwritten thank you notes. When a client and your business have made a great deal and all things go well, at the end of a project or even at the end of the year you should send out a note of thanks. Write with your own hand, and express what the partnership and cooperation have meant to you and how you feel about the future with this client. Customers that give you their business can be treated in much the same way. Say for example your 1000th customer orders something from your website, instead of the usual package delivery you can give them a thank you note with a box of chocolates and congratulate them on being the 1000th customer. You never know your efforts might end up on social media and get your business trending.


Who to turn to?

No matter how advanced a machine gets, the human conversation will never become irrelevant. In fact many have said that they feel uncomfortable talking to Google’s machine learning robot when they realize it is not a human on the phone with them. Why is this? Well, this is a deep-rooted philosophical question and issue that is going to affect business on a massive scale soon. Getting rid of the human being that can understand emotion makes people feel less comfortable. How can they trust a machine that doesn’t understand how they feel? That’s why in-person marketing of your business can actually build trust. Employees that are going to a business conference or working in your retail store wear custom-made lanyards such as from Get them in your brand design and give them to employees to wear. Whenever someone is frustrated or inquisitive, they know they can approach your employees wearing these items and know they represent your business. Not going through with a curiosity is something business is constantly trying to solve in customer’s minds.

In-person marketing will never die as long as human beings stay connected to their emotions. They want someone to trust when it comes to business, and your employees are right at the forefront of this concern.



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