In business, we waste a lot of time on the road. From our morning commutes to business time spent on the road, it all adds up. Sadly, you’ve come to the wrong place for cutting commutes out of your life. Most of us now have to travel some distance to work. But, you can make that fact more bearable by cutting the time you spend driving during the day.

As a business manager, the last thing want is to waste valuable time jollying around. Yet, even if you plan a day in the office, things crop up, and you find yourself in the driver’s seat. Aside from costing fuel, those trips guzzle productivity and time management. That, in turn, can lead to lost profits.

Lucky for you, we’ve got solutions to these road-based woes. Given every office now makes use of various technologies, you probably have easier access to them than you realize. We are, of course, referring to making tech travel, so you don’t have to. Not sure how that’s possible? Keep reading to find out.

New ways to contact staff in the field

While some industries are office-based, many require team members out in the field. A fractured workforce is a prime reason for wasting time on the road. If you don’t get on top, you’ll have to get behind the wheel each time you want to pass on new work. But, you know what we’re going to say. Let tech do the traveling instead. By turning to something like the field service management software offered by Fieldpoint, reaching field staff is as easy as downloading an app. This way, you can pass on jobs without stepping away from what you’re doing. That saves you losing a moment of productivity or profit.


Connecting with customers in an online fashion

Not long ago, heading out into the world was the best way to meet and interact with customers. If you didn’t market on the streets and form a physical presence for yourself, you were doomed. Now, though, you can reach those same levels of loyalty through nothing more than your website and social media presence. Rather than having to hop in the car to clear customer issues, you can head online and write heartfelt comments. That way, customers will feel like you’re right there with them, even though you’re still sitting in your office.

A new way to host meetings

In days of old, you even had to hit the road to make meetings happen. You know; back when physical presence was mandatory. But, if you’re still wasting time on physical sessions, you’re missing a trick. Why traipse halfway across the country and fork out for hotels when you could hold an in-office video conference? This won’t make any difference to your clients. Most companies now prefer this method of meeting. And, this brings the benefit of more than halving the time each meeting takes. When you consider that, it seems crazy that you’re still wasting so much time.



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