You should already be well aware that the majority of your customers are now mobile. That just means that they prefer to browse the internet on their mobile devices rather than their laptop computers. This is why all websites now need to be optimized for mobile use. But did you also know that the majority of customers also prefer to use apps rather than web browsers? It’s true – web traffic is ever so slightly on the decline while the usage of mobile apps has rocketed over the past few years.

So, there really is no wonder why so many businesses are now developing their own apps to try and tap into this new market of mobile customers. It really does make good financial sense as it can help to increase sales. Ready to start developing your app? Here are some things to bear in mind before you do.

Don’t Launch Without Testing

Test, test, and test again! That’s the name of the app game. No matter you do, you should never launch an app that hasn’t been tested as it could be filled with a lot of bugs and usability problems that you aren’t aware of. If that is the case, you will find that it gets reviewed badly which will lead to hardly anyone wanting to download it. So, it’s worth using a tool like to aid you in the testing period. It’s also a good idea to give the app to a few of your employees so they can play around with it and offer you their feedback.

Consider Market Research

Are you sure that your app is going to be a hit with your customers? There are lots of variations of apps and there are different functions that they can have. It’s necessary to find the function that your customers want and need. Otherwise, they won’t use it. The best way to figure out if your idea for an app is feasible is to carry out some market research. You could do this yourself or get in touch with to help you out.

Start With A Soft Launch

When it comes to launching an app, you will have the choice of carrying out just a hard launch or starting with a soft launch followed by a hard launch. This gives you the chance to test the water and how your customers might react to the app. It also allows you to ask for feedback. At this stage, you will still be able to finetune the app ready for the hard launch.

Go Easy On The Ads

You will want to add a few in-app adverts as a way to generate some extra cash from the money. However, you shouldn’t go overboard with them as that could end up annoying users. If apps are too ad-heavy, you will find that users will stop using the app, and it could quickly stop making any money at all.

So, why not see what ‘appens when you create an app for your business!



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