More of us than ever are working from home. Right now, around 43% of American workers work from their homes, at least some of the time. It’s thought that by 2020, more than half of the workforce will work from home, all or almost all of the time. Some of these people still work for a firm or company. Working remotely, visiting or checking in with the office when they need to. Others, run their own businesses or work as freelancers out of their home office, or even from their sofas.

Working from home is fantastic, especially if you run your own business. But, one thing that many new homeworkers have in common is managing their time. They want to do well, but distractions like kids, Netflix and the coffee machine are often a bit too much of a pull. Homeworkers find data management help from gartner mdm. Some even outsource work to help them to keep on top of their workload. But, they struggle to manage their own time. They procrastinate. They put work off, and it holds them back. If this sounds familiar, here are some of the things that you can do to manage your time better, allowing you to build your business and get more done.

Get Up Early

Your first mistake might be staying in bed until late in the day. It’s hard to create a routine when you are treating yourself to lie-ins every day. You might think that you work better later in the day, but it’s worth remembering that other businesses and offices shut down at 5 pm. Get up early and start your day, just like you would if you had to go out to work.

Dress for Work

Working in your sweats an also be a mistake. Occasionally, when you’re not feeling your best, go for it. But, day to day, get up, have a shower and get dressed before you start. You’ll feel more focused and find it easier to get into the right frame of mind to work.

Some people like to dress formally, in work attire, but that’s really up to you. There’s nothing wrong with jeans and a t-shirt as long as you are focused.

Work Set Hours

Getting up early is great. But, it’s still easy to procrastinate and put things off when your day has no real end. You can find yourself wasting time and taking too long over simple projects because you can. It also means that you don’t get proper breaks or time off, because you are always working. Try to work set hours, with a lunch break, on the same days every week.

Write Lists and Set Goals

Spend ten minutes every morning, or at the end of the day before making a list of what you want to get done during your workday. Set time limits for each task, or assign them to morning and afternoon to give yourself targets and focus.

Build an Office Space

If you are struggling to find focus and stay motivated, it might have more to do with where you are trying to work than your frame of mind. It’s hard to stay organized and work to your best on the sofa in front of your TV. If you’ve got a spare room, turn it into a small home office. If not, try to fit a desk and a small office space into another room.



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