Million Dollar Shortcut Review

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Read on to see my Million Dollar Shortcut review after going through the entire thing.



> Grab Million Dollar Shortcut and All My Bonuses Here <

When it comes to making money online, starting a business online, whether you want a big business or to earn passive income as an affiliate in your underpants, it all boils down to knowing how to do two things.

  1. Have relevant products you can sell
  2. Know how to drive traffic to those products

If you can master this, you’re in business. However there are some roadblocks along the way

  • Developing something to sell people actually want, like software, is a huge pain in the ass. You need to pay developers, make designs, test it, maintain it, it’s a nightmare.
  • You need to know how to create marketing materials like sales pages that people will actually buy from
  • Getting traffic is a pain in the ass if you have no idea what you’re doing.

So if only you could get the whole thing handed to you. The software people want, pages that make them want to buy fast, and the exact traffic strategy so that all you’d do is drive traffic and bring in the results…

Well, today that option is available, with a product from Brett Rutecky and Mike from Maine called Million Dollar Shortcut, and this is my in depth Million Dollar Shortcut review.

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In this product, Brett allows you to ‘legally steal’ 3 of his best software, all the marketing materials and a proven traffic method, allowing you to sell everything as your own, simply by driving traffic, and keeping all of the profits.

There has never been anything quite like this from what I have seen before.

Brett handles all software development and maintenance, and even all customer support. All you do is drive traffic as a certified re-seller to the beautiful marketing pages that he’s also including for you. (Oh, and he’s giving you the exact way to do that, too).

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> Grab Million Dollar Shortcut and All My Bonuses Here <

Million Dollar Shortcut Review (details)

Million Dollar Shortcut includes 200 licenses EACH to 3 of Brett’s top softwares (600 licenses) to resell the software and keep all of the profits. It also includes done for you pages to sell from, all support and software development is handled by Brett, and he even shows you how to drive the traffic.

OTO 1: Bump To Unlimited Licenses

For another measly $47, you can bump to sell UNLIMITED licenses of these software. This is a total no brainer. Why cap your profits at 600 licenses when you can make money with this forever…

OTO 2: My Mail It Agency

My Mail It is a software that allows people to send emails. Everyone in internet marketing needs an auto responder. You can upgrade to also get the rights to sell this highly in demand tool for 100% profits as well. Again, total no brainer.

OTO 3: InstaFunnel Agency

Instafunnel is a software that Brett has never officially launched, so there is virtually zero competition. It’s an all in one marketing software that does it all. All you need to do is drive traffic to it, and collect 100% profits as a certified reseller with this upgrade.

The Verdict

All in all, Brett’s basically letting you copy his years of blood, sweat and tears putting together a business that works, and letting you keep all the profits by simply driving traffic, and he shows you how to do that too. This is a no brainer all the way throughout the funnel. Designing marketing software and marrketing materials takes years of effort, tens of thousands to HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars and all of this is being handed to you by a very generous Brett Rutecky and Mike from Maine.

Many will get in on this deal and many will miss out. Which will you be?

> Grab Million Dollar Shortcut and All My Bonuses Here <

Sweetening the Deal (BONUSES!)


In addition to the awesome bonuses I already showed, I’m also including a special training on how you can 10x your results with what Brett is showing you while doing LESS work, because you will be automating most to all tasks.

You can’t get this special little training anywhere else, I’m including it as part of the Million Dollar shortcut package when you go through me.

It will be waiting for you with all other bonuses under “Affiliate Bonus” in JVZoo where your product access is.


million dollar shortcut review bonuses

> Grab Million Dollar Shortcut and All My Bonuses Here <


In Conclusion…

I hope you found my Million Dollar Shortcut review helpful. This product throughout the funnel is just massive value in that you’re getting so many different things- SOFTWARE to sell, the MARKETING MATERIALS to sell it, and even driving traffic, and that’s the only thing you need to do. My bonus shows you how to automate this part as well.

> Grab Million Dollar Shortcut and All My Bonuses Here <




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