During this time of year, much like in many sports, business is heading for the finishing line. However, you cannot for one second take your foot of the gas pedal just because the end of the year is here. In fact this should be one of your best times as a business owner to make up for poor performances during the year. Didn’t meet your profit margin for a particular financial quarter? In the run-up to and during Christmas, as well as the New Year, you can make up for those losses and then some. Be aware, every other business right now is already planning for their finest hour of the year. The marketing and sales departments of every business in the world is taking center stage in their respective companies. You as the owner must now focus on gaining the attention of consumers so you can gain their purchases. Consumers are buying Christmas and New Year’s presents, and they are constantly searching around to find what they’re looking for, the best deal and the best service.

A new relevancy

Throughout the year, your products have probably been marketed in a way that makes use of keywords and descriptive relevancy. For example, if you sell smoothie blenders, you’re using the ‘blender’ ‘smoothie’ and ‘fruit blender’ as your keywords. However, for the description in your PPC ads, you’re trying to be short but illuminating. So you might put before or after your keywords, something like ‘recipes’, ‘maker’, or ‘juicing’. These are words that consumers will use to get specific. For your Christmas and end of the year PPC campaign, you should take up the services of a Digital marketing company that has AdWord professionals in their team. AdWords will need to be bid on and taken at first come first serve, so owning a lot of them will allow you to boost your search results up higher. Keywords like ‘sale’, ‘x-mas discounts’, ‘presents’ and more can be utilized to be foisted out and in front of consumers worldwide. The company is also on the Official Premier Google Partner list, so they can get you a priority position.


All you need is 5 seconds

Preferably, to get the absolute best out of your December digital marketing efforts, you should have made a series of short video advertisements for online platforms. All you need is 5 seconds to show what your product is all about, what it can do and cement a characterisation around it. The reason for 5 seconds is because many YouTube advertisements can be skipped after the viewer watches them for 5 seconds. So use this amount of time to make a short ad, with actors, settings, locations etc. Smartphones will use 5 seconds to show their camera capabilities. Cars can show their efficient engines in that amount of time too. So why can’t you? You can of course, but you need precise ideas and use every second wisely. It’s a good idea to hire a production company for this.

The power of visuals has and will never die down. So a quick but interesting and unforgettable 5-second advertisement for video sharing platforms is a must-do for Christmas and New Year’s. The revamping of your PPC ad campaign should be done to accommodate the specific searching consumers do around this time of year.




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