My Brands

Growth Commander is a content marketing based software that helps users find the most viral, trending content on the net across almost any topic, share it to their social media profiles, build content posting schedules, as well as curate/create their own content and schedule that as well. In a time where content is king, being able to quickly and easily find the content people want it to read, create your own content fast and easy, and get your content out to your audience with a few clicks and at times you want, is extremely powerful to grow any business.

Action Taking Blogger is a blog that shares ways to save money and make more money. The blog is all about financial empowerment for the readers. Topics covered range from frugal living all the way to quick ways you can make a few dollars, to full fledged online earning methods and entrepreneurial endeavors. Such as blogging, affiliate marketing, traffic and lead generation methods, and more.