My Brands


action taking blogger

Action Taking Blogger is my main brand that primarily focuses on helping people discover the strategies to scale their business organically, primarily through Pinterest marketing. I also share other supplemental marketing techniques that can be used alongside Pinterest. Having driven over 1,400,000 free visitors through the power of Pinterest, it's something I recommend all businesses should start focusing on. You can learn more at my blog!


Master Growth Marketing is my premier Pinterest marketing agency, specializing in helping our clients grow their visitors, leads, brand awareness, audience and sales with the very same organic Pinterest marketing strategies I use for my own brands. These cutting edge strategies help the brands we manage drive thousands of free visitors per day and see a reach of as high as millions of people per month.


growth commander

Growth Commander is a content marketing SAAS that helps users find the most viral, trending content on the net across almost any topic, share it to their social media profiles, build content posting schedules, as well as curate/create their own content and schedule that as well. In a time where content is king, being able to quickly and easily find the content people want it to read, create your own content fast and easy, and get your content out to your audience with a few clicks and at times you want, is extremely powerful to grow any business.


I am co-founder of Webinarkit, an auto-webinar SAAS that lets you quickly and easily build and run automated and like-live webinars, create beautiful registration pages, automatically send reminder emails, live chat with attendees, schedule “just in time” events, and much more.