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Look – I understand that the “work” involved with SociCore is small, but it can still be daunting, and it can still hold students back…

Finding a niche… Selecting a video…. Determining how to target, and testing and tweaking that targeting… Figuring out how to monetize… And so on and so forth…

So instead of being nervous about all that work… I want you to actually picture it ALL DISAPPEARING… Because…

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Two Tell-All Copy & Paste Case Studies ($1097 Value)

Don't try to re-invent the wheel, testing for months to find winners. Let us show you what's already working so you can copy and paste.  We give you EVERYTHING you need including:


Our Exact Results

You see our exactly results from start to finish with these case studies. No stone is left unturned.

Exact Niches Targeted

You can't get the same results as us if we don't show you the niche we targeted. This is also included.

Exactly How We Monetized

This is important: The part where you actually make money! We show you exactly how we did so you can do the same thing.

Exact Ad Spend

We show you the exact amount we spent in our campaign.

Exact Ads Used

We show you the exact ads we used that worked like gangbusters. No testing ads to find winners needed!

Easy Layout For Copying & Pasting

The whole point is for you to copy and paste our results for yourself. So this is set up for just that 🙂

10 NEW Done For You Campaigns That You Can Plug In And Start Running Yourself… Right Now!           ($1997 Value)

That means in addition to 2 proven copy&paste case studies, you’ll get 10 done-for-you campaigns that we have carefully chosen, researched, and suspect to be BIG winners… So you’ll get:


10 Hot Niches

With plenty of buzz and just the right amount of competition

30 Fanpage Header Graphics

3 per niche - so you can make a Fanpage people will “Like” in seconds.

30 Fanpage Profile Graphics

3 per niche - so that all you need to do to set up your page is hit "upload".

30 Viral Videos

3 per niche - the right people will watch to build an awesome audience you can market to.

30 Viral Posts for Ads

3 per niche - just COPY and PASTE – never worry about writing an ad again.

10 Researched Interests

We have done FULL RESEARCH on 10 niches FOR YOU!

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Act Now And Get Our Massive Pack Of Completely Done-For-You Professional Presentation Templates..

($497 Value)

Perfect for video tutorials, webinars, statistics reports, business presentations, seminars and conferences, sales pitches, and anything else you want...


7 Animated Themes

A variety of high quality Presentation Themes ranging from Modern to Corporate and Retro!

16:9 Full HD Aspect Ratio

1920x1080px wide screen dimension. Follows the most popular ratio of videos and computer screens.

Easy Color Changes

Easily edit in your Powerpoint Program and further customize your Themes for unique looks.

91 Unique Slides

You also get the Master Slides to easily change your logo and company name. Preview theme designs below!

Editable Charts

Simply change chart data values for your pie, line and bar charts to be professionally presented in graphs.

PPT, PNT, PSD Included

Multiple file formats given to suit every temperament and needs. Use in Powerpoint, Photoshop or as-is!

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SociCore Copy & Paste Case Studies, Massive Done-For-You Pack, and DFY Slideshows...

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Affiliate Rebirth OTO1