What started off as a simple experiment last year has blossomed into us getting leads as cheap as 7 cents and traffic as cheap as 3 cents.

It’s been an up and down journey, but after smoothing the bumps, the future on this method is clear and the road is paved.

We needed a way to get traffic and leads when traditional landing pages are showing signs of demise. It’s called Spazeship and I’ve been using it to get results just like this.

It seems every software/product coming out these days touts itself as a “game changer” when in reality we know most fail to deliver on that promise.

I’m not going to say whether I think Spazeship is a “game changer.” What I will say, though, is that we use Spazeship and the associated method to get cheap leads and traffic in different niches when most people are failing with traditional landing pages. I think you can make your own determination on the value this holds.

This has been the easiest, most effective effective traffic/lead gen I’ve ever seen and used, and I’ve tested a LOT.

I do believe, regardless of names like “game changer”, this is about to help a LOT of people change their online marketing forever.


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What is Spazeship?

Spazeship is a combination of software, traffic training, and email marketing training, and all three are included in the Frontend product. At $37 starting price, it’s going to convert like crazy.

Part 1: Spazeship Software is an Innovative Web-Based Software

Allows your you to generate leads and sales in ANY niche using personalized quizzes. They can use some of our pre-made templates or create their own in minutes! Quizzes have been proven to reduce traffic and lead acquisition costs on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. This works perfectly for any kind of business (aff marketing, ecom, local biz, services, Amazon, digital marketing, lead gen agencies, etc).

Part 2: Traffic Secrets Training 

Showing you how to generate cheap traffic and leads using social media platforms like Facebook ads, Instagram and Pinterest. We cover paid and free traffic methods and dig deep on the methods that are proven to work using quizzes.

Part 3: Storytelling Secrets Training is a Step-by-Step Email Marketing

Showing you how to properly sell to their newly-acquired leads WITHOUT sounding salesy or pushy. This is perfect for anyone who is looking for a simple follow-up formula that doesn’t require very good writing skills. This works in any niche that sells products (physical or digital) or services. This training alone is well worth the investment of the FE.

Do we have any proof that it actually works?

Yes! Mehdi has been using quizzes to generate leads in a variety of niches. You can see the results on the JV page and on the Sales Page preview.


OTO 1: Spazeship PRO

Is an unlimited version of the front end, with more features, more quiz templates and also comes with developer rights. This will be an absolute no-brainer for those who purchase the FE and will definitely bring you a ton of affiliate commissions.


Will allow you to rebrand their software on an unbranded domain, and use it to sell licenses. They can use this for client work where they can charge clients anything they want. Another proven product that will stuff your wallet with commissions during the launch.


Includes two case studies in competitive niches as well as a Done-For-You pack that will surely help improve your chances of being successful using spazeship.

>> Grab Spazeship For The Discount + All My Bonuses Here <<



This bonus package includes the absolute most actionable items to help you get results fast, unlike others who will simply give you outdated, useless PLR or bonuses. Since I reward action taking, this package of highly actionable, rare items is reserved for the first 100 people to grab Spazeship only.

Here are some semi-exclusive bonuses that you can use to increase your conversions. Use as many as you want:

Bonus 1: YT Rank Analyzer: 

Dominate YouTube and driving huge targeted traffic for FREE. With this software, simply enter one or more keyword phrases and let the software find the best keywords to target for MASSIVE free traffic.

Know at a glance if you should target a specific keyword phrase or avoid it like the plague (too much competition, too little traffic or both). With YT Rank Analyzer you can instantly find valuable keywords with poor SEO, high search volume, and MASSIVE potential!

Bonus 2: WP Image Plus

Search and use more than 1,000,000 copyright-free, high-quality images straight from the Admin area of your WordPress blog. Everyone needs images, and this is a must-have software for every marketer.

Bonus 3: Keyword Research Ninja 2.0: 

Find and filter profitable keywords using Keyword Research Ninja software. Unlike most keyword tools which just rely on Google, this one actually provides you with complete keyword data from SIX sources: Google, Bing, Yahoo, eBay, YouTube, and Amazon.

Bonus 4: WP Visitor Chat: 

The ultimate conversion-boosting live chat plugin. Allows you to chat live with your visitors or send you an email when you’re offline.

WP Visitor Chat plugin creates a live chat widget on your website allowing site visitors to directly interact with the administrator in real-time or offline mode. With this plugin, visitors can send a short message to you can quickly do so right from the website.

Bonus 5: Snap Buzz: 

With Snap Buzz, you can take full-screen screenshots of a single webpage, and even multiple URL’s at once. You can add multiple URLs into the ‘snap’ section to snap multiple sites in an instant.

Customize the browser width, height, as well as dimensions of the screen capture or thumbnail, saved so you save on time spent on editing it.

Select the format you want to export the screen capture as – No need to rely on photo editing software.

Automatically create screenshots, thumbnails, icons, etc. through the use of one software.

Questions / Comments

If you have any questions or comments please let me know, I am very happy to help! You can comment below or email me.



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