Personality is important because customers trust businesses they like. They believe them, and that takes away some of the risks. Shoppers who aren’t scared about the outcome are more likely to splash the cash. And, they are only too happy to pass on the good word about the lovely company that did them a solid. Whether online or the street, it’s a fantastic marketing opportunity.

Personal brands don’t appear overnight. Sure, they’re organic but they take lots of hard work and effort and strategic nous. Here are the areas to target to add more personality to your company, Samuel L Jackson-style.

Brand It

Lots of startups and SMEs neglect a logo. The logic is that they are too small to deserve one as if there is a certain amount of turnover needed. It’s nonsense because any company can invest in a logo and place it on their building. Better yet, the right digital printing services will put it on promotional products and services. There’s a reason big corporations hand out pens with their name on: it’s because they work. A symbol is something customers see and instantly sync with your brand. There is nothing as personal in the industry, which is why every firm should have one.

Vlog It

Websites play a huge role in success these days. Consumers much prefer browsing the internet than going to a physical store. It’s quicker, easier, and instantaneous. Sites, therefore, have become a playground for advertisers around the world. And, it should be the foundation of your marketing effort. Focus on content. Posts are where the business can find its voice and appeal to people with funny, charming and witty words. Even better, turn it into a video or a vlog and put your face in the mix. When people can see who they are dealing with, they are suddenly more invested.


Face-to-face interactions are dead; long live social media. This is how it feels in 2018 in many ways. Although there are cons from a societal point of view, the business benefits are pretty big. Nowadays, there is no need to waste time pressing the flesh and printing business cards. Instead, you can go online and speak to interested parties via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. The key is to respond as soon as possible and to keep it light and casual. Use emojis and punctuation marks to showcase your personal side. Also, have fun with other competitors. Can anyone remember the fast-food beef?


Dress To Impress

Yes, pounding the streets is a thing of the past. Still, you can’t stay indoors forever like a prepubescent, acne-ridden boy. There’s a big, bad world out there and you need to be seen. Otherwise, your brand will disappear into the background. The boss’s style reflects on the company, which is why tailored clothes and positive body language are essential. Don’t forget to maintain eye contact and smile and shake hands firmly. Present yourself like you want to present the brand.

Does your business have as much personality as Mr. Jackson eating breakfast in a diner?



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