One of the most popular ways to get traffic and build a list is affiliate traffic. People are always relying on launch after launch to keep their email list fresh.

This brings diminishing returns as you have to pay affiliates 50% to build your list.

Today I will review pinnacle, where you can learn how to build your list into the tens of thousands in any niche without needing to launch products or recruit affiliates.


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Pinnacle is an in depth, step by step video course and case study showing how to build your list into the tens of thousands in any niche. The money is always in the list. If you don’t know how to build a list then you will really want to get this. It provides an easy method, much easier than SEO or affiliate traffic.

The source taught is FB ads, you only need $5 to start. You will learn how to break even or profit WHILE building your list so you can keep scaling up.

OTO 1: Done for you funnels

When you run FB traffic, it will need to be to pages set up in a way shown in the training. This OTO simply gives you the funnels done already, to save you a ton of time and leave nothing to the imagination.

OTO 2: Get traffic from FB pages and FB video ads.

This helps take things to the next level and really capitalize on additional areas to pour on viral traffic from Facebook. Perfect for more passive traffic and increasing income.

OTO 3: 2 months of LIVE coaching revealing exactly how we use FB to run our entire online business.

If you want step by step hand holding-coaching from people out there doing this at an affordable price, then go for this option.

The Verdict

This is an amazing course for building a big list for free and even profiting using Facebook ads. I like that you truly only need $5 to start getting results. With affiliate traffic being such a pain in the ass these days, the skill of being able to build a list with FB is so powerful and this knowledge is basically becoming a necessity. Big advantage. I like that the videos are spaced out and easy to follow.

The only problem I see is that they do not give you alternative traffic options to build your list. I fix this in the bonus. (This means if you don’t go through me, you get the course without the major hole plugged. Check the bonus section below)

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This is a special bonus pack so listen up. Only the first 75 people to grab Pinnacle will get this bonus pack.

It is specifically designed to give you both FREE TRAFFIC and PAID TRAFFIC. This plugs the only hole I found in the main course.

The goal is to build you a perpetual traffic machine so you get passive traffic for free to a few pennies, from multiple sources at the same time. This means if one source dries up you’re always prepped. Always have more legs. This is the way to do it. And yes this traffic can be used for anything.

Bonus #1) Pinterest ads crash course- learn how to get 200% ROI using the very under-utilized Pinterest ads and

Bonus #2) Spend $60, make $200 case study- having traffic is half the battle, especially if you’re paying for it. With this bonus you will see how to turn a profit and then it doens’t mattter if you’re paying. You’ll also see the easiest way to convert traffic, free or paid.

Bonus #3) Rapid Traffic Masterclass- how to pour on rapid traffic for free without SEO or any paid traffic.

Bonus #4) Penny Leads Revealed- case study in the exact niche I got paid to grow a big list in and what traffic source I used for penny leads 

This is a powerful bonus pack to give you a massive advantage and create a perpetual traffic and income storm. That’s why it’s only for the first 75 people. If this is up, there’s still spots left.

>> Snag Pinnacle And My Rare Bonus Pack Here <<


If you have any questions or comments, let me know, I am happy to help 🙂



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